Connecting Car Bi-Wire Speakers to a Vibe LOC or direct to a Powered Vibe Subwoofer

Platinum1959 Newbie
Apr 17, 2021
Iver Heath
Hi there

I have looked everywhere Online and nobody is discussing this common LOC connection

I am trying to get an an output signal from my car's rear Left door Bi-Wire Speaker and connect it either to a Vibe CLLOC-V7 or Direct to a powered Vibe 12 Inch Subwoofer.

Can somebody confirm if I have to bridge the door Speaker's 2 Positives together and then Bridge the Speaker's 2 Negatives together to get a Signal Pair for my LOC - (In which case I guess I will also need to join together on the LOC the 2 Positives Speaker Wire Inputs and join the 2 Negatives together)

At the same time can I ask if I instead bypass the LOC entirely and connect the Car Speaker's bridged Signal Pair direct to the Subwoofer's High Input connection - Can I split the Bridged Signal from the Car Speaker into the 4 High Input Subwoofer Connection please (ie. Then I do NOT have to acquire a Audio Signal Pair from the other Car Door Speaker)

If it is of any interest I can confirm that it is 5.6 Volts coming out of a Single Positive Terminal on the Car Door Speaker (which is quite low I think ?). Am I right in thinking that when I bridge the 2 Positives on that speaker then I should get double the Voltage out ie. 5.6V + 5.6V = 11.2 Volts. I hope your answer is YES as that then sounds like enough voltage audio signal for a High Input Subwoofer Connection

You can tell this is my first time !

Many thanks in advance for your forthcoming very Kind Advice.

P.S. The Car is a 2005 VW TOUAREG 2.5 TDI and I confirm that I am also getting a full range of sound audio output from the rear door speaker when I listen to it

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