Can someone break down a LOC (line output converter)?

Johnnyxray210 Newbie
Looking to buy and install an LOC. I got the basic functionality of it but not sure what I need. My set up is a factory Impala stock radio, 4 kicker 6x9 75 RMS 3 ways and no sub yet. My original speakers are factory 2 ohm 45 RMS mid range woofers, not subs.

Is an LOC 2 channel mean 2 speakers (1 set), 4 channel 2 sets, etc?
How would I know if I have the correct frequency if I am switching to full-range speakers?
What is the best method and difference connecting the LOC, tapping vs cutting the speaker wires?

I was leaning towards the Kicker 46KisLOC (2 channel) or an Audio Control 4 or 6 channel for a later add-on.

Thanks for any info.

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