Better Head Unit = LESS Subwoofer output?!

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Hey everyone, just registered to get help with a bit of a weird one IMO. I just installed a better Head unit (JVC) into my truck, it's a single din and I have a 2000 Dakota. The setup I have is simple: SINGLE CAB TRUCK WITH 4 door speakers all 6 inch and one 12 inch subwoofer in a ported box with a 3000w mono block to push it. I did a big 3 upgrade on the truck and have everything wired up with heavy gauge wire. The previous head unit was a cheap DUAL brand from Walmart and the new unit is a JVC KD-T920BTS which is a lot better and has way more functions. Although cheap, the DUAL gave me great bass out of the sub and decent sound from the doors. Once I installed the JVC, the doors sounded amazing and were super clean with crispy highs. However the SUBWOOFER was not getting any real bass anymore, some but just not punchy at all. I used to blow the doors off my single cab but now with the JVC, IM GETTING NO REAL BASS AT ALL. I turned the subwoofer level all the way up to +10 on the head unit, adjusted the low pass filter to 100 Hz and tuned the box with my subsonic knob again with the new head unit. Turned the gain up on my amp a little more than what I like and even used the god forsaken bass boost knob on the amplifier but still was not able to get my sub to move the way it used to with a cheaper head unit?!? I'm kind of disappointed but not defeated, now I'm here. Thanks everyone!

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It has 4ch preouts, with switchable rear ch. Did you switch the rear ch output to sub out?
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It only has 2.5v rca output. so you MAY need to turn up the gain on amp to match output. Have you checked rca output at 75% volume, to see what it is yet? Prob only around 1-1.5v I bet.
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