1. Daniel Lee

    Need some advice!!!

    Hey guys, I got a 2018 Honda Accord sport 1.5T. I currently have infinity kappas for both front and rear speakers. Powering it is an NVX for channel amplifier (VAD11005). Then I have a kicker CX 1800.1 mono block powering a dual L7 S enclosure. I also have a LC7i connected to the four channel as...
  2. Daniel Lee

    Dimming help!!

    Hey everyone, I had a couple questions regarding my setup. I’ve got an 18 accord sport 1.5T, and it’s equipped with an NVX VAD 11005 5 channel powering the speakers, and a kicker cx 1800.1 powering a kicker dual L7 box. My questions How much of a benefit will it be to get the big three upgrade...
  3. ayriggins

    94 F150 stock radio Bluetooth mod

    I have a 1994 Ford F150 with a stock radio that includes a tape player that I'm currently modifying with a Bluetooth receiver. My plan is to splice into the tape deck. I was able to get power to the Bluetooth receiver, but I'm struggling to get sound out of it. I removed all of the springs for...
  4. R

    Help - Nissan Tiida Bluetooth?

    Hey all. Apologies if this isn't the right place to post. The stock radio in my Nissan Tiida has a bluetooth symbol , as well as what appears to be a mobile connection indicator. However, I cannot seem to pair my device with the radio or even get it into a Bluetooth pairing mode. The radio model...
  5. PsiPhiDan

    Best Upgrade Options for Sonata SE

    Hi Everyone! First post here. I currently have a cheap amp which is doing fine (Crunch PZA900.4 - $65 roughly) powering a pair of coax Polk MM651 and a pair of coax Polk DXi650 (rear). I also have an LC6i since I have a stock head unit. What would be the best next move to improve sound...
  6. E

    Stock 2003 Chevy Trailblazer

    So the sound system in the vehicle has been having issues. There is a tweeter and a 4 ohm speaker on the passenger and driver front doors. Both the speakers on the passenger works all the time along with the tweeter on the passenger. At random times all the speakers on the front will kick on...
  7. stock electrical.... nuff said

    stock electrical.... nuff said

    Nuff said
  8. J

    Distortion on stock speakers.

    Hi, I recently got my 750.1 kicker amp and 2 kicker CompVR subs installed in my Mazda 3. I am using the stock deck and using the amps high-level input to convert the rear speakers wire from a high - low signal. However, every time I play a song that has good bass the stock stereo speakers (NOT...
  9. J

    02 Altima wiring issues

    So I have a 2002 Nissan Altima sl, which includes the stock bose system. I'm fairly new with car audio, but I've read up and researched a good deal. I just have absolutely no idea what to do to get everything to work. Everything other than the input wires to my new amp is set up and ready to...
  10. D

    All stock-----LOOKING

    Heres what i wish to accomplish, please tell me if it is possible. I have a 96 Deville, in minty nick. The car has the base sound system (no bose, no amp, no cd) I wish to install a remote 6 disc changer with remote control, want volume/power/tuner to be taken care of by STOCK head unit...
  11. M

    What's wrOng with my radio/speakers?

    Are my speakers blown in my maxima? I've got it on max volume (31) and it sounds like it's on 5 or so, and it's crackling and the back ones don't work at all. I've had it for about a month now and just haven't had time to fool with it or take it anywhere but I hate not having a radio. Please help.
  12. W

    88 Camaro Stock speaker replacment??

    Hey I want to replace the rear stock speakers in my 88 Camaro. I pulled one of the panels off and theres a really cool looking old Pioneer speaker. It looked so cool its a shame to cover it up with the panel. =/ The speakers are old and crackle when played. I was wondering if anyone knew if...