1. AJStaples

    Destroyed sub in 3 minutes why??

    Like 10 years ago I bought 2 Polk DB1040DVC subs. They are 50-270w rms. They've been sitting new in box since I never got around to buying an amp or whatever. I ponied up a couple dollars and at crutchfields recommendation, grabbed a pioneer GM-DX874 4/3/2 ch amp. I connected front door...
  2. PsiPhiDan

    Best Upgrade Options for Sonata SE

    Hi Everyone! First post here. I currently have a cheap amp which is doing fine (Crunch PZA900.4 - $65 roughly) powering a pair of coax Polk MM651 and a pair of coax Polk DXi650 (rear). I also have an LC6i since I have a stock head unit. What would be the best next move to improve sound...
  3. L

    WTB... Polk Audio C4

    I'm looking for a Polk Audio C4. I know they are old - I had one stolen from me back in the day. Looking for something in fair or better condition. Thanks
  4. TFD

    Help with with components. Polk DB

    I have a Silverado regular cab. Polk Db 6501's in factory local. Polk 4x6 Coaxials also HU is Pioneer Avh-4400, highs amp is RF Punch 600.2. I guess I'm asking for opinions/ suggestions to make the best of my current gear. Just purchased new Sundowns and sub amp along with a new enclosure...
  5. B

    Polk 330 amp best speaker wiring configuration??? Low RMS.

    I am trying to figure out the best way to wire a single SVC sub (JL 10w0) to get the most watts out of the amp. At this time I have it bridged at 4 ohms. The problem I'm seeming to have is that it really seems to be bumping a lot less then I would imagine. I used a DMM to make sure it was...
  6. K

    Comments/Recommendations on this CUSTOM DESIGN?? Help Please

    Hi all, I am designing a custom sub box (for a 10") that will be strapped in on the middle seat of the rear bench seat (Crew Cab pickup), I was having a play around on AutoDesk Inventor and came up with this... (SCROLL DOWN FOR IMG) (For now I'll just focus on the sub hole, but the other...
  7. S


    I'm looking for a Polk audio or pioneer lanyard(would prefer Polk.) If anyone has any or know were i can get one i would really appreciate it. Thanks.
  8. Paulspikey

    Stereo Integrity BM MKiii

    Closed. Selling mine instead.
  9. tpatten12345

    Speaker Amp

    I am looking to get an amplifier to power a polk mm6501 component set. they are 2.7 ohms and they will take 125 rms. I would like to get an amp that is either just right or has a little headroom. the amp only needs to be 2 channels or 4 bridged. I was looking at one of these: Rockford Fosgate...
  10. 1EdgeKilla

    Best 5.25 components you can get for ($3-400)?

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and all and am in the process of putting a nice system in my car. I am currently trying to find the best pair of 5.25 inch components around $3-400 for in the doors of my cavalier (terrible car i know) but hey i don't car about the car its the music im into. I've...
  11. Thunderbird Install 2

    Thunderbird Install 2