1. PsiPhiDan

    Best Upgrade Options for Sonata SE

    Hi Everyone! First post here. I currently have a cheap amp which is doing fine (Crunch PZA900.4 - $65 roughly) powering a pair of coax Polk MM651 and a pair of coax Polk DXi650 (rear). I also have an LC6i since I have a stock head unit. What would be the best next move to improve sound...
  2. M

    best amp or amps to use in my truck..all help is great

    My truck currently has 2 amps 1 2000watt crunch on 2 massive audio kilo 104s sealed 1 crunch 1000watt 4ch on 1 massive hippo 84 sealed and 2 american bass closed back 6.5s my hippo is sad 125rms> closer to 80-100 I have a crossfire 320 laying around but would like to put some power on...
  3. puppet_1211

    new amp need help setting it

    i just purchased the crunch pza2000.1 monoblock i have 2 kicker cvr 12s 4 ohm dvc. im going to wire them to 1 ohm the amp is 1 ohm stable. ok i need to know how to set the levels on my amp there is a low pass 40-150hz a subsonic filter 15-55hz a bass boost 0-12db and a level 6-.2v! my headunit...
  4. B

    Need some help!

    I need a 4 channel amp Iv been doing some research and this is what I found so far.. - Boss CHAOS EXXTREME CX800 Car Amplifier is this a good deal?
  5. J

    Crunch Ground Pounder2000.1 Power Light on but no power to subs & "V" Light.

    ok today i just adjusted the position of my amp and it has been running good and i never banged it anywhere during the process, i treated it with care. It was working before I did anything, I had to disconnect some wires to do it. I connected everything back to the way it was. here is what is...
  6. B

    ?? Need to know about the quality of these 2 amps ??

    I have 2 12' Pheonix Gold Radial SD competition subs. I need a 1000 watt + amp to push them. I recently bought a powerzone Crunch 1500.1 amp but am not sure if this will provide the good quality I am looking for. Also have had my eye on an O2/Q2 3000 watt amp but am not sure if this has good...