best DC clamp meter

May 25, 2015
bay area , CA
guys, bout to swap out my stock alt. to a singer... wanna get a before and after on amps.

whats the best bang for buck or accurate clamp meter.... thanks

fluke and non fluke option if possible

May 25, 2015
bay area , CA
good call on the harbor freight unit. i use a fluke 88 for all my other stuff, but as Ill use the clamp much less often than that, i cant quite see the 381...

thanks again for the quick response.

what kind of vehicle you running your system in?


bigblank69 Elite
10+ year member
Oct 22, 2006
Eureka, MO
My vehicle is a 2007 Tundra Double cab... though that's just my Tow Vehicle for my boat, I get a company car from work and that one is bone stock... though thank god our Audio in the high level trims is very good otherwise I would lose my mind


wew lad

wew lad inc
Mar 22, 2015
fluke imo although their recent corporate bullshit selling the company and making the products shittier makes me upset

they have a dc clamp for something like $100-150 and its the same one i have. seems pretty accurate

i can pretty much tell you what large case gm alts will make aftermarket vs oem because ive clamped them

a standard ad244 large case from a junkyard will do about 115a hot at idle. a large case singer/dc power/etc alternator without hairpin windings but with upgraded parts will do about 200-220a at idle hot with some doing around 180a if the vehicle has a lower idle rpm


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