Been gone...

Coolhand20th Well Known
Mar 27, 2019
Marinette County, Wisconsin
For the past well 6-8 weeks due to medical issues. Had some complications with the back surgery. I have a very rough history with MRSA, STAPH and have almost died from SEPSIS so was kinda freaked out when the top of the incision started to ooze some stuff that it shouldn't. So had to go in and have it drained a couple times, then a couple pockets of fluid also showed up. Thankfully just the draining and basic antibiotics this time kept it all ok because last thing I want is spending another month in the hospital. I think all told since Nov 2010 I have spent a total time of at least 9 months probably closer to 10.5 months from all the medical issues.

Plus I had right knee surgery on June 14th so I am recovering from that as well. Haven't spent any time at the computer nor driving. I still have to sound deaden the doors, completely setup the 80PRS I put in, along with a couple other minor things.

Anything interesting happen lately or just the usual stuff?


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