Alpine Type R 12" Fabric Behind Cone Advice

ericberg Newbie
Oct 12, 2021
I had this sub installed in my car for years and worked great. Had to take it out and it sat in storage for a while and rats had gone in the enclosure and chewed through the foam layering covering the back of the driver (pictures attached) is this foam covering necessary for the sub to work correctly or is it just an extra layer of security so nothing hits the back of the driver. All of the other components (wiring,etc) look new. Is this sub destroyed? Sorry as I am not very educated on the workings of subwoofers and this might be an obvious answer.


Coolhand20th Elite VIP
Mar 27, 2019
Yep you are going to have to have it sent in for a re-cone or try it yourself but if you are not all that experienced in car audio then I would send it in if you REALLY want to keep it. Otherwise it is new subwoofer time.


Team Lethal Pressure
5,000+ posts
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Jan 22, 2010
That is the cone. It's done for.

hispls Veteran
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Sep 10, 2009
Yes, that is the actual cone, the plastic bit you see from the front is just a dustcap. There is no practical way to repair that. Buy a cat.
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