Advice on a Infinity Kappa build.

MusicMitch Newbie
Jan 20, 2020
Fort Smith, AR
Howdy everyone! I decided to invest in some decent sound in my 2016 Corolla. Right now, I have the stock head unit, some who knows what Kenwoods in the front and some god only knows Pioneers in the back. I have that 12" MTX Terminator sealed box package, and it's powered by a Pioneer - GM-D8601, which is probably the nicest thing in there. One of the woofers has a crack in it, patched with some industrial double-sided tape.

What I've decided to go with thus far is Infinity Kappa 60.11CS in the front, Kappa 693.11 in the rear deck, powered by a Kenwood KAC-8406.
A Kenwood DMS7706s with the Maestro RR unit is being put in as well. If I'm looking at everything right, the RMS ratings should be spot on, factoring in a little resistance from the 60.11 crossovers.

I'm debating on one of the Kappa 1200W subs to replace the 2 MTX. If I use the same amp, and the Kappa on the 2ohm setting, that would match the 500 RMS rating on the amp and Kappa. My question is, would it be better to have the 1 12" Kappa with the 500w RMS matched at 2ohm, or to have the 2 12" terminators, with the gain throttled? If I go with the one Kappa, it would be in a sealed box, with maybe a good passive radiator if I get bass hungry. (Big Maybe...)

Any thoughts, suggestions, and advice is appreciated in advance! Thanks!

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