Advice needed.

Abarker93 Newbie
Mar 1, 2021
Hey guys, fairly new to the forum and just looking for some advice on a new build. I have a 2017 ram 1500 crew cab and going to install here soon when my orders are delivered, 2 COMPCVX DVC 2 Ohm 12’s in the fox acoustics ported box pairs with the CXA1800.1 mono amp along with 4 6.5” kicker components rated for 125 rms paired to the kicker CXA360.4. My question, is 90 watts super low for the commoners to sound good or is that relatively average? I may end up buying 2 of the CXA360.4 amps to run all of my components as I have another set in the pillars next to the back seat along with 3.5” tweeters in the dash. How hard is it to run 3 amps? I’ve only ran 2 at the most in all other builds. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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