FOR SALE 2018 Toyota Camry PLUS Custom Audio

Gernot Newbie
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May 15, 2021
San Francisco, CA
$ 2000
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Hi Everyone!

I'm new to this forum and I'm hoping to get some feedback from you all...

I'm currently trying to sell my 2018 Toyota Camry including my custom Audio. I'm based in San Francisco. Not sure whether I should sell the car inc. the audio or just sell the car and take out my custom audio but ideally I would like to sell my car inc audio. Do you guys have any best practices for me? Most people on craigslist (I'm selling my car there) don't care about my great audio set up. Is there a different site I can list my car where people are actually interested in car and audio? Looks like on this site it's just the audio equipment and not car + audio for sale/wanted.

BTW here is my listing where you can see my car/audio details:

Would really appreciate your feedback and help!



Jdm94Coupe Elite
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Aug 7, 2007
McDonough, GA
Your best bet for sure is to pull out everything audio related and get it all posted here with pics including usernames/date included.

You're right as far as people buying your full car, it's not likely they're going to be interested in quality mobile audio, this hobby of ours is limited and most people aren't into it like we are. Stuff you can't take with you like window tint will obviously need to be left on the car.

Good luck with your sale either way, I think I'm going to look up the specs on that 5 channel to see if i could ever use it myself.

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