2018 Honda Accord - Simple Yet Effective


May 28, 2011
New York
Hey guys, another build in the books. This one was pretty quick. Some of you may remember this thread..


Thankfully, John put his faith in my and let me have a go at the install. He dropped his car off and hung out at the shop this past saturday with me and a few other customers of mine checking out their cars, talking, etc etc. It was fun. The goal for this build was make it as budget friendly as possible, while getting the most out of it in terms of SQ and leave room for possible upgrades. Equipment list as follows.

SB Acoustics SB17CRC35-4 Mids
SEAS Prestige 27TAFNC/G Tweeters
Zapco ST-6X SQ
Audiofrog G12 subwoofer
Helix DSP.2

For anyone wondering, this is the base model radio without a subwoofer or amplifier. The front left and right speaker level signal was grabbed and needed some input eq correction on the low end as there was a high pass filter applied. The rear speakers also had a high pass, so i didnt bother using those as the front speakers are what get bluetooth, chimes, and prompts. 

Heres John's new baby..

I'm always surprised every time i use the SB17's. Very good for their price. Although this was my first time using the carbon cone version. 

After routing out some baffles that matched the oem speaker brackets, the mids were installed and the doors were fully sealed and deadened. After that, closed cell foam was applied, along with closed cell foam rings around the mids to couple them to the cabin. 47uF caps were also installed to protect the tweeters.

Main power wire and fuse holder.

All RCA's and speaker wire labeled. Its the small things in life.

Amp rack all wired up and ready to be installed. Unfortunately didnt have any carpet that matched the oem color on hand. Would have ordered it but this car was only here for a couple days.

Audiofrog G12 and amp rack all in place and wired up. Like all things Audiofrog, im very surprised with the G12's performance. Great sounding subwoofer for around the $200 or less price range.


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