2011 Impala sub integration pac aoem gm1416


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Oct 25, 2018
Installed sub in my 2011 BOSE Impala. Pac audio makes aoem gm 1416 to integrate the amp and everything. Worked great until i noticed lately passenger rear speakers not working. Use to work fine. After swapping amp and another pac module same problem persists. When module is unplugged and factory set is in place all speakers work fine. As soon as module hooked up the passenger side rear speakers go out. All other speakers work. Cannot understand what is going. Any help?



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May 1, 2007
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First thing to verify is that you aren't shorting out or disconnecting any stock wiring by mistake.  Pics of the wiring and harness/adapters?   Clarify if you are powering the rear speakers from the factory amp or an aftermarket amp? 

Is it possible the rear speakers never worked and it just took time to notice?

Can you describe the wiring you did in more detail?  diagrams and/or photos?



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Oct 25, 2018
As i mentioned when factory set up plugged back in all speakers work fine. The PAC module goes inline with factory amp. You unplug harness on the amp and plug it into the module. Then plug the module harness into the amp. Sort of like a bypass. Rca plugs attached to module that's how you hook up the aftermarket amp to the rest of set up for my sub without having to run rca cables from the headunit. It's a plug and play system. When its all hooked up the only speaker that stops working is rear passenger.

My next step to change rca cables because it makes sense that right rear channel is going out.

Unless someone knows for sure please help. 


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