1. N

    Wattage problem.

    Hi, so I have got this almost 12 year old audio system in my car it is SCD-3102R and I need to replace the front (the part which you can clip off). My current one has 4x40 watts written on it, but the inly available on the market now has 4x25 watts. Can I replace it with this one? Is it safe...
  2. F

    Amp to match 80rms/170max watts & power reserve

    SPEAKER: MB Quart QS216 (1-pair) AMP: ? CAPACITOR: ? Looking for amp to match MB Quart speakers rated at 80/170w. Power rating is 4 ohms. I only prefer to shop at sonicelectronix. I found a couple 2channel-ClassAB amps that have an rms ranging from 100-150w. Are there any benefits in going above...
  3. A

    Wattage too low or too high? Help

    I have two rockford fosgate P2D4-12's but one is an older model rated at 250 rms and a newer one rated at 400 rms. I have them both in a sealed box. I'm going to hook them up to a planet audio 1500 watt monoblock amp. If I hook them up at 4 ohms and feed the subs about 500 watts, will both of...
  4. N

    Matching Speakers to Amp

    I'm a novice when it comes to ohms, bridging etc. I was wondering if I could some help on how much speakers watts to buy. Any help would be appreciated. Here are my 4 channel amp specs: 50w to 4 ohm 200w to 4 ohm bridged 100w to 2 ohm 400w to 2 ohm bridged I have four 6.5's inside. I...
  5. loudstratus

    VIsonik 4000XD for sale-400 shipped (similar to HK 4000d)

    Item(s) for Sale: Visonik 4000XD Item(s) Description/Condition: * * Rms Power @ 14.4V DC: 1 x 2500W @ 4 Ohm, 1 x 3500W @ 2 Ohm * Rms Power @ 17V DC: 1 x 3000W @ 4 Ohm, 1 x 4000W @ 2 Ohm * Dimensions (H x W x L): 3.125" x 10.5" x 26" * 12 - 17V DC Power Input * 0.2 - 8V RCA Input Voltage...
  6. 07sciontc

    07 scion tc help with system wires

    im doing a full system in my scion tc dyno mat and ill have a nav tough screen with a 4 chanul amp running about 75 to 100 watts per chanel and a mono block at about 3000 rms give or take 500 im planning on doing the big three and running all 0 gauge for big 3 and amps i need to know should i...
  7. E

    Amp suggestions

    So, i have a RE Audio SXD418. Wired to 2 ohms. RMS on the sub is about 1000w. I just fried my RF 1000.1bd so now, looking for an amp that can push 1000 watts rms @ 2 ohms. Money is an issue right now, so preferably cheap. I was actually looking at the HIFONICS HFi1500D. Any other suggestions?
  8. C

    First setup, question

    Hey, I'm looking to buy my first actual setup for myself. I am looking at a Rockford p1 15", which is 200watts RMS/ 400Peak. I have a small truck, extended cab with no seats in the back, so there is enough room for it. However, will this be enough power to add some good sounding bass to my...
  9. C

    5 Subs, 2 Amps, 2nd Battery? Set-Up Question

    I have no idea how to set up what I want to do with my car. My set up is: 1 Standard Battery running: 1 Kenwood Stereo (50wx4) 2 Sony Xplod 6x9's (40w each) 1 Pioneer Amplifer (600wx1 at 2 ohms) 2 12" JL Subwoofers (600w total, 2 ohm total) ...and two 12" LED strips on the sub box. All of...
  10. T

    Can my alternator handle the system I'm about to put in?

    I have a 2001 Toyota Corolla. I'm almost positive the alternator is 80 amps. Currently installed I have an Alpine idax303 HU with a 45x4 in line "power block" alpine amp hooked up to 4 alpine type r speakers (2) 5 1/4in and (2) 6.5in. I recently bought 2 12" Kicker L5s in the factory box wired...
  11. f1mclarenagr

    How many wire runs and number of RMS Watts you running?

    Just wondering how many runs of cable you guys run from up front to the trunk/back and back up front. I want to get an idea of how many to run so voltage drop doesn't affect when you apply a large current to a single run of 1/0 to the back (talking about 250+ amp draw). Also if you do more...
  12. I

    Which amp with 2 JL 12W6v2 12" subs

    I am pretty set on purchase 2 JL 12W6v2 12"s subs. I know nothing about amplifiers and how much power is needed. I am not trying to spend a fortune but still want to push enough watts to still give good quality. A local car audio store pointed me in the direction of a PowerBass amp that they...
  13. Nutz

    Good 300 Watt RMS 12" Subwoofer?

    Looking for Opinions on the best quality and best priced 300 Watts RMS 12" Subwoofer. Looking for something loud that I can put in a ported enclosure in the back of my expedition? Suggestions?