sub woofer

  1. A

    subwoofer road noise help

    Forgive me for not knowing much. For christmas i bought myself (2) Rockford Fosgate T0D215 Power T0 DVC 2 Ohm 15-Inch 550 Watts RMS 1100 Watts Peak Subwoofer powered with Rockford Fosgate P1000X4D 1000 Watt Class D 4 Channel Amplifier. I have them in a dual box in my trunk. I had everything...
  2. Only The Best

    Need 2 competition grade 15's under 850 for the pair...

    I just have no idea where to run for 15's considering i have never heard any 15's.... i have 3 10's type r's in the same box but i think i want to go for 2 15's. I really wanted to get 2 orion hcaa's but the $550 a peice is brutal... any reccomendations for my direction? throw out some brand...
  3. M

    which subs should i get WANT spl spl spl spl

    im new here and need advice i have an 87 silverado single cab. i managed to fit 2 memphis 12" SR subs. the problem is my seat is pushed to the front and uncomfortable. and the other problem is that im a big spl guy that just want a big boom.and the memphis subs arent cutting it im getting...
  4. badazzinky

    (2) DC XL M2 15's, Carbon caps & extra spider ***MINTY***

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 15" dc audio XL m2 dual 1's with extra spider and carbon caps UPDATE 1 SOLD 1 LEFT Item(s) Description/Condition: Mechanically 10/10 Cosmetically 9/10 (few scratches in paint on baskets from mounting) other than that there MINT! Price: 400 shipped Shipping and...
  5. badazzinky

    2 15" Shocker Sigs Fresh recones

    Item(s) for Sale: I have 2 15" shocker sig subs for sale Item(s) Description/Condition: both subs have fresh drop in recones (done 3 days ago) that were built by shocker mike for these subs, they have SPL suspension packs (stiff), there dual 1.4 ohm coils and are tight gap subs. they have 3'...
  6. A

    Cant choose a sub!! help

    Whats up, I've just gotten back into the car audio game after taking like 15 years off. Stuff's changed since then, so I need some help finishing my system build--choosing a sub. I've been looking and reading for months...and there's just too many to choose from. Back in my day there were only a...
  7. R

    Open to new ideas, please let me know what you think!

    Hi everyone, I need a recommendation for my dailiy driver. I have a budget of 1k. I am currently looking at either jl 10w7 or jl 10w6v2 or 12w6v2 with a 500/1v2. I understand that there are many forums around here about the pros and cons of these two subs. It is important to note that I can...
  8. D

    I really need help!

    i have a 2003 camry and i really need some of the trunk space. I think 1 subwoofer is about the size either 10 12 or 15. How do i chose which one. i have heard kicker, audiquo, rockford. Which single sub will rock my car. I need an amp too! PLEASE HELP i want my car to shake
  9. V

    question about Boston Rally Series sub

    Hi, i'll be honest...i know nothing about car audio systems so any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a single 10" Boston Rally Series sub in its original factory box and i was wondering if it is any good. Also, I was thinking about putting 2 12" subs in there instead and i havent looked...
  10. A

    Capacitor Issues..Blown Fuse..Need Help

    My fuse in the fuse holder keeps blowing everytime I hookup my power wire to battery. Never had this problem until I installed my capacitor and when I hooked it up. But that was when it was new and had no charge. Now that still has charge and its the only reason I can think of. Had a flat tire...
  11. K

    HELP build the right system part two

    so i asked you guy/gals about help with the right system for my 99 camaro and discovered great brands unknown to the average, "I think i know audio guy". Well subdicted helped me alot. so i have the right parts just need to know how to power it right. i have 1 sundown audio amp sax-1200D...
  12. iaturtleboy

    Looking for a Bada$$ Sub For around 500.1 sub thats going to be loud.18?

    i have a 13.5 dub 7 and im not in love with it.looking to go bigger and better.looking for an 18 but whats nice and loud for one sub.i have an 83 caddy so trunk space is good.
  13. N

    New to car audio, and looking for some advice!

    Hello all, I have recently accquired a 2002 honda crv, and I was looking at installing a car audio system(subs are my first priority.) I am technology forward, but have never really done anything like this before so i was really looking for some advice, maybe even direction to a different...