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    SSA ICON 12 Thoughts

    What do yall think about the SSA ICON 12’s? i havent seen to many videos of it on youtube or too many reviews that have caught my attention yet so just looking to see what opinions you guys have on them
  2. B

    FS: Pair of SSA ZCON 15" BNIB

    View Listing FS: Pair of SSA ZCON 15" BNIB BNIB SSA ZCON 15". Bought these for a new build which I never got around to. Now I'm getting rid of everything. Dual 1 ohm.   12" ZCON D1/D2 15" ZCON D1/D2 18" ZCON D1/D2 Fs...
  3. denim

    Slow-mo close up of the SSA Demon

  4. denim

    Zcon free air for fun

  5. denim

    SSA Zcon is back, and better than before

    We were finally able to get the deadly SSA Zcon back to market. Modest tweaks make it even more stout than before, not to mention the addition of upgrade options such as reinforced Triple Joint, additional spider, and direct leads.  I missed that flag so much.  :   Check it out...
  6. B

    Out of the loop... Amp help

    Hey guys, I know posts like this are redundant 😫. I was into the audio scene back in the 2000s but not so much in the past 5 years. Here is what I need some assistance with: 2018 Ford F150 10" SSA GON - Sealed box 1.3cf (rear center console enclosure) Looking for a "budget" amp to run this...
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    SSA Holiday Sale

    Check it out here: we are adding more products. :)
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    2018 SSA Icon 12

    We just launched the all new SSA Icon. Check it out here: A nice mixture of a look back and an advance forward. Other sizes will join the 12 as funding allows. T/S Specs D4 / D2 Fs. 30.9 /...
  9. denim

    SSA F8L 8" subwoofer

    Our first production 8" sub. Check it out here: F8L 8" Sound Solutions Audio 8" 650W F8L Series Subwoofer - SSA STORE
  10. A

    Help with amp/sub decision

    I have a 102 amp alternator, and I'm looking for an amp sub combo. My ideas Ported gcon or icon 12 or 15 (the gcon 15 qts says it's more for sealed but I really want to port) Jbl ms500.1 800wrms and get a gcon or ppr 1000.1 1100w rms and get an icon What would sound best. I listen to mostly...
  11. M

    12 inch subwoofer

    Item(s) for Sale: looking for 2 ssa dcon 12s dual 4 or single 2 or ssa gcon 12s dual 4 Item(s) Description/Condition: Price: Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less than 10...
  12. denim

    Slamology SSA Special

    Make sure you wear your SSA gear to Slamology:
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    2016 US Acoustics Pricing

    US Acoustics has changed to an extremely competitive pricing structure for the new year. Check out the new for 2016 pricing on all US Acoustics amplifiers: SSA Store - US Acoustics amplifiers   Only at SSA.    
  14. C

    Team SSA Walled 03 Navigator build

    Ill have to dig up all my pics of the build but here is where i am, working on tuning. As of now stock 140a alt big 3 all ofc 4/0 leads 4 optima batts 1 sk-4500 @.67ohm on 3 custom built ssa 18s (but have 2 need alt n 3 more batts) box is 24.6 cubes c pillar full seal with tuning goal of 26hz...
  15. denim Black Friday has begun.

  16. denim

    SSA Evil's Spooktacular Savings

    Click the banner above for:   $210 off the MAP for the Evil 15" & $230 off the MAP for the Evil 18"   Spooktacular Savings on SSA Evil subwoofers now thru 11-15-2015!
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    Big Back2School sale at SSA

    Sundown is being added to the sale @ SoundSolutionsAudio's Online car audio store! Best prices, products and customer service. Fast shipping to US, Canada and More!!
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    US Acoustics Big Ben, Nick, and Lisa have arrived.

        The new US Acoustics amplifiers have arrived. SSA Store - US Acoustics amplifiers   Big Ben > 3500 watts x 1 @ 1ohm mono: SSA Store - US Acoustics Big Ben - Mono Block 3500 Watt amplifier   Nick > 2500watts x 1 @ 1 ohm mono: SSA Store - US Acoustics Nick - Mono Block 2500 Watt...
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    SSA's 50,000 followers sale

    In celebration of 50,000 likes!!! We are doing a little promotion. Use coupon code:     SSA50KFB     until 8/31/15 for 10% off and SSA Icon, SSA Xcon, SSA Zcon, or SSA Evil.   SoundSolutionsAudio's Online car audio store! Best prices, products and customer service. Fast shipping to US...
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    US Acoustics Sale

    Use coupon code: "USAcoustics15" for 15% off at SSA Store - US Acoustics amplifiers     Very strong amps at excellent prices.
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    SSA APM-1 now on Pre-Order

    The highly anticipated pre-order of the APM-1 SPL Meter is now open. Quantities are limited, so act fast. $449 shipped in the US48 states. Estimated ship date as of now is March 1st.   APM-1 SPL Meter - SSA STORE  
  22. denim

    Khaotik Enclosure sale

    In need of a new enclosure? How about 10% of Khaotik Enclosures: Boxes / Enclosures - Hand Made Enclosures - SSA STORE   Just enter "Khaotik10" for the 10% off at check out.   Boxes / Enclosures - Hand Made Enclosures - SSA STORE  
  23. denim

    Ascendant Audio Recones now available at SSA

    Ascendant Audio Customers: SSA is now setup to help with all your AA recone needs. From the Chaos, up through the Team & SMD Subs!   Sub Woofers - Ascendant Audio - Recones - SSA STORE  
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    SSA Holiday sale

    We have a holiday sale running until the end of the year on many selected items. Check it out at
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    Veterans Day sale at SSA.

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    Machined SSA accessories

    Reducers, fuse blocks etc. check them out here : Electrical - Fuse Holders, Ring Terminals, Heat Shrink & More - Sound Solutions Audio - SSA STORE  
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    Crescendo Audio Symphony Series, Now in stock

    SSA brings you HD photos. Enjoy looking at these new amps by Crescendo Audio.   Amplifiers - Crescendo Audio - SSA STORE   S1500.1   S600.1   S550.2   S800.4
  28. denim

    New SSA Dcon almost ready...

    Photos are done, specs and enclosure info will be up soon. Below are shots of the new Dcon 10, it is a shallow mount. It is still a great SQ option that blends really well, and can have authoritative output on modest power. The newer design has greater cooling and more motor force along with a...
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    SSA is the SoundQubed Authorized Internet Dealer

    The SoundQubed Authorized Dealer. Free shipping in the US48 on all their products.   SoundQubed Products - SSA STORE  
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    *** SSA Tax Season Sale on SSA ***

    SSA Tax Season Sale   Click the banner below:
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    Confessions of an SSA Basshead
  32. L

    Sound Solutions Audio GCON 12" Subwoofers

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 12" SSA GCON, Dual Voice Coil 4 Ohm, 750W RMS each. Item(s) Description/Condition: Hello up for sale I have 2 Sound Solutions Audio GCON-12 Subs. I ordered them in July of 2013 and got them several months later in October. I bumped them for less than 2 months as I took...
  33. denim

    SSA Prototype 12"

    Here is just a teaser pic, testing will begin soon. Specs and info will follow soon after. Just wanted to get a pic up asap due to being very excited about it because I have been waiting for it for 6 months.
  34. denim

    SSA Store open box specials

    As we have a good number of products stocked up from product photo's so we have some items that are open box.   Check them out here: Open Box / B Stock - SSA STORE
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    ** New SSA Shirts! **

    Ok guys, thanks to Bryan the CEO for the Tshirt Designs, we are finally proud to announce the shirt order has gone in. There are limited numbers of each size, so we are thinking a heads up is in order for this situation. They are expected to ship around the 9th of September. This date may or...
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    *SSA Store package deals*

    We are just starting to get a few worked up. Check them out: SSA Store Package deals
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    New Incriminator Audio amplifiers

    These will be up on the SSA Store soon. Once again showing why SSA has always been the only choice online for Incriminator.
  38. A9Y

    Can't decide between the two?!

    Im about to do a full system in my car and the only part I can't decide on is whether to go for the new Sundown Audio Z v.4 15" or the Sound Solutions Audio Evil 15".. Whats peoples thoughts on the two in comparison?
  39. denim

    New SSA License Plates

    New SSA License Plates   We are proud to finally offer a SSA License Plate, by ToolMaker Metal Workz.   $19.99 Shipped in the US48.   License Plate | SSA - SSA STORE
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    SSA Store Coupon Codes

    This is a new dedicated page on the SSA Store for coupon codes. Make sure you check there often to see what is the latest coupon code going.   SSA Store Coupon Codes: Coupon Codes   ---------- Post added at 12:05 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:05 PM ----------   There are two...