1. denim

    SSA Customer Rewards Program

    Here is how it works: You purchase a brilliant SSA Dcon 10D4. Once the order is processed, we will place 10% of the Dcon 10D4 purchase price (NOT TOTAL SHIPPED PRICE) on your SSA Store account as SSA Store credit. It looks like this: ~ $114.99 purchase price of SSA Dcon 10D4 from initial...
  2. denim

    Sale on Sundown SA subs and SAX-1200D

    Check it out here: Sundown Audio Products - SSA STORE  
  3. denim

    New Incriminator Audio 5.1 Mono block

    110x1 at 4, 225x1 at 2, 450x1 at 1 Class D Mono Block – Strappable   IA 5.1 on SSA Store
  4. therock0720

    Amplifier to go with SSA DCON

    Hey guys, I'm looking for an amp to power one or two SSA DCON 300 watt RMS 4-ohm SVC sub(s). I want tight and clean bass. I listen to anything from Hip Hop like Drake, all the way to progressive rock like Genesis and Peter Gabriel and anything in between.
  5. denim

    SSA Xcon 10"

    Before anyone asks, we will have specs and pricing posted when they are ready. This is more a teaser picture to show that it does exist and will soon be part of the SSA line up.
  6. denim

    Zcon enclosure specs are up

    ZCON Series Sub Woofer
  7. denim

    SoundSplinter Orphan 8 sale

    Check them out here:   SoundSplinter Orphan 8 sale.   This is a one time sale as these are not going to be made again anytime in the near future.    
  8. M

    Good quality cheap amp(s) to power 2 SSA xcon 12's

    hey i am building a system for my mkz and picked out two xcon 12's i now need a amp(s) to power them im not trying to spend over 400 for the amps i was looking into hifonics, audiopipe and spl. the subs run on 1750w rms each the SSA tech told me i can run them at 2000w rms each so im looking for...
  9. Joseph7195

    10" SSA Dcon 10d4 SQ box type recommendation?

    I have read many reviews and personal experiences with these subs, so I am hoping someones personal experience with them can help me. I have bought a 10D4 for SQ purposes, and I am torn between box types. I have the recommended space for the recommended sizes .9 sealed and 1.25 for ported, I...
  10. M

    SSA vs. AudioQue

    I'm planning on putting two 12's on my 2007 Ford Mustang Convertible. I've been looking into the 12" SSA DCON 12D4/S4 or if not, then the Street Duty SDC2.5-12-D4 Subwoofer. I don't know which one to go with or wether or not to seal the box or to port them. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  11. dsc04344


    Prototype 18 -1
  12. dsc04343


    Prototype 18
  13. icon12 face 2075

    icon12 face 2075

    2010 Icon 12
  14. 164172 190513980961147 100000076405779 725357 5571788 n

    164172 190513980961147 100000076405779 725357 5571788 n

    Wills 4 Zcon's
  15. A

    FS SSA XCON D2 12in, Excellent condition...

    Alright here is the deal. I purchased this sub about two months ago, along with a bunch of other gear with the intent on installing everything in my girlfriends car. well since then we have split up and the xcon just sits in the box accumulating dust. The only time the sub has on it is maybe a...
  16. icon12 leads

    icon12 leads

    2010 SSA Icon leads
  17. icon12 face

    icon12 face

    2010 SSA Icon 12
  18. icon 15 face

    icon 15 face

    2010 SSA Icon 15
  19. boss rev-665

    boss rev-665

    ZED built boss amp
  20. denim

    SDS install log on the SSA Mazda

    Please do take a moment to read this topic and not just look at the pictures, as some of the photos will not make sense if you skip over what I try to say. I am few days behind on getting this pictures posted up, but life and all that goes with it has been in the way. Anyway, a MASSIVE thank...