1. L

    Sound Solutions Audio GCON 12" Subwoofers

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 12" SSA GCON, Dual Voice Coil 4 Ohm, 750W RMS each. Item(s) Description/Condition: Hello up for sale I have 2 Sound Solutions Audio GCON-12 Subs. I ordered them in July of 2013 and got them several months later in October. I bumped them for less than 2 months as I took...
  2. denim

    SSA Prototype 12"

    Here is just a teaser pic, testing will begin soon. Specs and info will follow soon after. Just wanted to get a pic up asap due to being very excited about it because I have been waiting for it for 6 months.
  3. denim

    SSA Store open box specials

    As we have a good number of products stocked up from product photo's so we have some items that are open box.   Check them out here: Open Box / B Stock - SSA STORE
  4. denim

    ** New SSA Shirts! **

    Ok guys, thanks to Bryan the CEO for the Tshirt Designs, we are finally proud to announce the shirt order has gone in. There are limited numbers of each size, so we are thinking a heads up is in order for this situation. They are expected to ship around the 9th of September. This date may or...
  5. denim

    *SSA Store package deals*

    We are just starting to get a few worked up. Check them out: SSA Store Package deals
  6. denim

    New Incriminator Audio amplifiers

    These will be up on the SSA Store soon. Once again showing why SSA has always been the only choice online for Incriminator.
  7. A9Y

    Can't decide between the two?!

    Im about to do a full system in my car and the only part I can't decide on is whether to go for the new Sundown Audio Z v.4 15" or the Sound Solutions Audio Evil 15".. Whats peoples thoughts on the two in comparison?
  8. denim

    New SSA License Plates

    New SSA License Plates   We are proud to finally offer a SSA License Plate, by ToolMaker Metal Workz.   $19.99 Shipped in the US48.   License Plate | SSA - SSA STORE
  9. denim

    SSA Store Coupon Codes

    This is a new dedicated page on the SSA Store for coupon codes. Make sure you check there often to see what is the latest coupon code going.   SSA Store Coupon Codes: Coupon Codes   ---------- Post added at 12:05 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:05 PM ----------   There are two...
  10. denim

    New SSA Store

  11. denim

    SSA Store weekend amp sale

    We are running a weekend sale on amplifiers. Check out the image link:  
  12. denim

    *** SSA Store, Surprise 36 hour weekend sale ***

    Surprise, it is a sale! It is a quick sale across the store.   >>> SSA Store   Coupon code at checkout: 36HOUR10%   Ends tomorrow (Sunday 28th), at 11:59pm
  13. denim

    SSA & Google+

    For those on Google+ here are some pages of interest:   SSA Google+ Page Google+ Page  
  14. denim

    Team SSA Evil's...

  15. denim

    New SSA Flat Brim Hats

    You asked for it, you got it. The new SSA flat brim hat.     Merchandise - SSA STORE
  16. denim

    SSA forum upgraded and reskinned

    With the move to the new and faster dedicated server, with most of the bug's worked out, the forum just got another upgrade.   SSA Car Audio Forum
  17. soundsolutions

    Introducing the all new SSA Evil!

    When your sub bass goal is nothing but supreme, unrestrained performance without compromise, the choice is the SSA Evil. The capabilities of the SSA Evil put it in very exclusive company at the zenith of the marketplace. This is where you look first for the ultimate ‘ground pounder’ that will...
  18. denim

    SSA Google+ Page

    For SSA members/customers/fans who prefer Google+, we have a page going there too.   Check it out:SSA Google+ Page  
  19. denim

    Shawn's New Leg fund.

    Shawn's New Leg Fund   We are proud to be able to help a friend, and just a cool individual in need. SSA has a long standing relationship with Shawn Fleming, and would very much love to help him in his quest to get a new prosthtic leg. Shawn has long standing ties with the car audio community...
  20. denim

    Sundown Audio Pre-Order amplifiers at SSA.

    More killer pricing on Sundown Audio amplifiers, and why SSA is the only choice when it comes to your Sundown Audio needs.       SAZ-3500D v.2 Pre Order: SSA Shop - Sundown Audio SAZ-3500D amplifier   SAZ-2500D v.2 Pre Order: SSA Store - Sundown Audio SAZ-2500D Amplifier   SAZ-1200D...
  21. denim

    ** Carbon Fiber Dust Caps for Zcon's **

    We are now offering real carbon fiber (3 layer) dust caps as an add on option to the ZCON line. These caps are nearly identical in weight, so the moving mass is unchanged.   You can see a more detailed picture by selecting the "Yes Please" Option on the product page in our store.   Sub...
  22. denim

    Modified Episode 6 Season 2

    Bryan is really starting to get good with the video and audio editing.
  23. denim

    TeamSSAudio Rides pages

    Mark is updating them right now. Here is Nic Watt's page: Nic Watts  
  24. denim

    ZED / SSA Combo Interest?

    Trying to gauge serious interest if we should bring back the ZED Amp / SSA sub combo from a couple of years ago?   Example:   Option 1: SSA Icon D1 in 10" or 12" or 15" or 18" + ZED Minotaur + ZED Ra   Icon 10" combo: $883 + shipping (Save $206) Icon 12" combo: $893 + shipping (Save $206)...
  25. denim

    Some Dcon 15's in stock.

    While we are waiting on a few parts to come into the build house, there was enough to build up a small batch of Dcon 15's.   Actual inventory of this posting: 15D4: 8 units 15S4: 10 units   DCON 15 Sound Solutions Audio 15" 300W DCON Series Subwoofer - SSA STORE  
  26. denim

    >> All new SSA Gcon's are a Go! <<

    After over a year in development, we are finally ready to begin production on our Gcon model. 750 rms, 3" coil, 20mm of Xmax and starting under $200.   Check them out here: Sub Woofers - SoundSolutionsAudio - GCON - SSA STORE  
  27. denim

    New SSA Gcon with photo's

    Pricing and specs will be available when the Gcon is ready to go, please don't ask. Sadly, I know people won't read that part. Below are our first photo's of the first production Gcon 10.
  28. denim

    2012 SSAudio t-shirts are in!

    Sizes are as marked per color in the images below. These shirts are a thicker quality then before also   $18.99 EACH / FREE SHIPPING | T-Shirt | Evolution Hertz - SSA STORE     Stlyle: Gildan, Adult                  
  29. denim

    Tax-Season Coupon

    We are running a coupon through till the end of March for 10% off the following brands in the store:   Ascendant Audio Boston Acoustics Mechman Alternators Sound Solutions Audio XS Power   Happy shopping  
  30. denim

    SSA Facebook Page

    SSA Facebook Page.   We occasionally post up things there that are not up here.