1. E

    COMPLETED JVC KW-Z1000W, JL Audio XD 700/5 v2, Wavetech Link 8

    FS: JVC KW-Z1000W 10.1” floating head unit Condition (1 being worst - 10 being best) 9.5 JL Audio XD 700/5v2 5ch amp $325–Free shipp——SOLD Condition (1 being worst - 10 being best) 9 Wavetech Link 8 Line output converter Condition (1 being worst - 10 being best) $90–Free shipping...
  2. vegang

    New Headunit, Audio Tearing + No Rear Sound

    Hello everyone first post here, I was replacing the headunit in my Jaguar 2003 X-type no nav and purchased a sony unit. I had power problems with that unit because it had some crazy built in amp(hi-power) so I decided to go with a JVC KW-R940BTS. I wired everything correctly and tried it out and...
  3. ktuxy

    Bluetooth Suddenly Not Wanting to Auto-Connect?

    Hi, About 3 years ago I installed a new JVC KW-R920BTS Head unit in my '05 Explorer. I haven't had any problems with it until recently. I used to be able to just start the car and after a minute or so, my phone would be automatically connected to the unit for me to stream music. Recently the...
  4. C

    Aftermarket Stereo install

    I have a 2005 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer. The stock radio went out so I purchased a JVC double din. I purchased all required harnesses through Metra (70-5521) and even a steering wheel adaptor (SWI RC) through PAC audio. I followed all instructions and solder all wires to each color. The white...
  5. T

    Are JVC's crap stereos?

    So I need some advice from you guys, cause you all know a lot more than me. I'm looking to replace the head unit in my car (2003 mitsubishi eclipse spider) I've got a budget of $400 - $500 and im trying to find the best touch screen dual din possible. I found this JVC KW-M845BW on crutchfield...
  6. THRobinson

    JVC KD-X350BTS - Setup

    Hey guys. Upgraded my deck after 12+yrs of my Sony... bit of a learning curve figure out the settings, but 2 settings I can't seem to sort out or find in the manual. 1) I set it to display the clock. The little EQ was then replaced with the time, about 1 or 2 songs later I looked at the time...
  7. Z

    JVC KD-R950BT Miswiring Error Message

    I installed my new JVC Head unit last August. It worked very well and I had hooked up four home audio towers with ten speakers total in the back of my 88 Town Car Hearse. They worked fantastic until last January when I hit a large bump while making a turn and the Head Unit gave a MISWIRING CHK...
  8. E

    LC2i removal

    this is probably a very simple question for you guys, I have a '13 Legacy that has the following from Hertz HCP 5D ES 300 ESK 165.5 ECX 165.5 LC2i & OEM headunit I am replacing the head unit with a JVC KW-HDR81BT. Since that initial setup was done for me professionally, I figured the...
  9. Z

    Problems with a JVC unit

    Hey. Ive been killing myself trying to find the answer on the internet but havent found any so far. Here is my problem: I have a JVC stereo that i bought a few days ago. Ive instaled it and averything was working perfectlly. But after a few days (3days) I was driving home from work and the...
  10. D

    Should I get the JVC KD-R320, Dual XML8100, or Power Acoustik PL-10A?

    The JVC put me $10 over budget, the dual put me well under budget, and the power acoustik fits perfectly. What's 1 sub pre amp vs 2 sub pre amp? Does that matter? I am planning on getting 2 10in subs with amp and cap.
  11. S

    Stereo zone dallas

    Hi there to every one in this amazing forum. This will be my first post of many to come. My name is Gabriel and Ii own a Stereo shop in Dallas Called Stereo Zone, we pride our self's in excellent costumer service just Google us and read our 100% real review, as well as some of the most...
  12. JVC Road to stirgis

    JVC Road to stirgis

  13. JVC Road to stirgis

    JVC Road to stirgis

  14. JVC Road to stirgis

    JVC Road to stirgis

  15. JVC Road to stirgis

    JVC Road to stirgis

  16. R

    JVC unit keeps resetting when ignition is off

    Hello, My JVC KD-R731BT keeps resetting the options I have set (colour, brightness, demo mode, ect) apart from the radio stations when I turn my ignition off. I installed the iso connecter that came with the unit to my car, as stated in the manual. It works fine apart from that. Any help is...
  17. L

    YOUR take on jvc headunits ?

    wondering what you guys think of jvc headunits, mainly the double dins.
  18. galacticmonkey

    Fs: Jvc kw-avx820

    Item(s) for Sale: JVC KW-AVX820 Item(s) Description/Condition: Seems to be in great condition. He said it works 100%. Put this in my neighbor's F150 a year or two back and he just got rid of the truck since he is moving, so he gave it to me since there wasnt much room left in the moving...
  19. A

    JVC KD-R538 can't read USB WAV files

    Recently purchased this JVC unit - picked this model with intention of using the USB port to play WAV files. When I insert a USB stick that contains WAV files the unit tries to read, then displays message - "CANNOT PLAY" Is there an unpublished requirement for the format of the USB files on...
  20. M

    El Kameleon JVC EXAD KD-AVX77

    im looking at getting a El Kameleon JVC EXAD KD-AVX77 and just wondering if anyone has any experience with these and android phone compatability. also if volume controls get annoying?
  21. my dash

    my dash

    JVC 640 and an old school JVC graphic eq. Relocated my ac controls into a fiberglassed console piece.
  22. denim

    2012 JVC Mobile now on the SSA store!

    We are expanding our offerings on the SSA Store, and JVC head units are the latest addition.   Check them out here: Head Units - JVC Mobile Entertainment - SSA STORE  
  23. N

    Advice for buying double din head unit

    How are you guys doing, I just joined because this forum looks like a great place to get advice and step up my knowledge game. I am a Marine currently over in afghanistan and getting ready to redo my tahoe's system when i get back. Basically I had my truck broken into in the States, but the...
  24. WashYourWinky

    JVC KD-G820 for a 10" D4 sub.

    Just picked up another head unit and would like to try and trade this one for a 10" D4 sub or a 12" D4 sub. Something that can handle around 600-800w rms. JVC KD-G820 Comes with wire harness, trim ring, install cage, remote (needs battery), face case, and Ipod interface. Cosmetic 9/10...
  25. G

    Fs: Jvc kd-a815

    Item(s) for Sale: JVC KD-A815 Item(s) Description/Condition: This item is in excellent condition and is less than a year old. It comes with the HU, remote, original box (no manuals unfrotunately), and face plate case. Price: $135 Shipped Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item...
  26. E

    HDR70 Sub Pre Out Low Volume

    JVC KD-HDR70 RCA Sub out is very low compared to the rear rca pre out. Same cable used in both cases, Same sub, All audio-related settings have been adjusted fully. Sound is there just a lot lower in volume. I have to max the sub out level and the amp gain to get it to sound close to flat (bass...
  27. J

    JVC Control Panel Loose?

    I have a JVC S590 CD player in my car and it has worked fine until I drove over a speed bump last week. The control panel turned off like it lost power and when I jiggle it, it sometimes catches the power back (the control panel lights up again), which makes me think it might be a loose...
  28. T

    JVC KD-G125 headunit

    Item(s) for Sale: JVC KD-G125 headunit Item(s) Description/Condition: An affordable CD receiver with 50W x 4 high power output. This receiver delivers high-quality sound from CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs, with a 1-bit DAC, cEQ, and carefully selected components. # Power Output: 50W x 4 Max. #...
  29. my HU + Screens

    my HU + Screens

    JVC KD-AVX1 ALPINE screans
  30. My Headunit

    My Headunit

  31. JVC Head Unit

    JVC Head Unit

  32. HU Install, JVC SH-77

    HU Install, JVC SH-77