1. MrG

    Teyes CC3 2K Door speaker and Subwoofer Frequency settings

    I have had a Teyes CC3 2K head unit fitted to my van and added a Pioneer TS-WS140D Underseat Subwoofer. I already have 2 x Hertz Door speakers and 2 x Hertz Tweeters fitted. I have no clue what to set the various frequencies at according to the options supplied with the head unit equaliser...
  2. ekah

    What frequency should i cutoff for my subwoofer

    I have 2 psi platform 2 wired to 4 ohms with a pioneer 3700bhs and I'm trying to find out what's a good crossover for the subwoofer? I have it go as high as 80hz but my question is can I set it for higher like 250hz? Like would it be efficient or not
  3. S

    Sony XS162-ES Component Speakers frequency ranges?

    Hey guys, I hope this is the right section…if not, let me know a better place. I have a set of Sony XS-162ES Component Speakers (6.5” Woofer & 2.5” Tweeter). I’m trying to find the frequency ranges each speaker is meant to play, so I can run them fully active and set em up with my Alpine...
  4. Zackster

    Competition dB freq?

    What frequency do the people at competitions play to get those crazy 150+dB ratings? I was able to get in the low 80 dB @ 30hz with my AB TNT 15'' running off of a Rockford Fosgate R1200-1D. I don't expect to be getting 150dB with my setup, but I was curious as to how they get that high because...
  5. DeanG

    General box help American Bass XFL 15

    Vehicle : 02 volvo xc70 Location in the vehicle: Rear(It's a staation wagon so it's all open) Space available (Length x Width x Height): Subwoofer make and model: American Bass XFL 1544 Subwoofer Size: 15 Number of Subwoofers: 1 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): still to be...
  6. F

    Car Resonant Frequency

    I am working on building a new system using a Audioque HDC3 and a Hifonics XX Hercules. I have heard that each car has its own tuning frequency and that if you tune the box to this frequency it will be louder. Does anyone know how to find the resonant frequeny of a car?
  7. D

    Box for single Alpine SWR 1043D

    Hey all, I just got into the Subwoofer department with a single Alpine SWR 1043D running on an Alpine M500/1. I just ran all the wiring in my car and I'm waiting to build my box. Here is where I needed a little advice. I want to tune the box to 32-34hz to get a good range of benefits from the...