custom box

  1. M

    COMPLETED Mobile Solutions SFS Axis Shape Creator Router Template Kit

    Im selling my brand new never used (Opened, but never actually got to use it) Mobile Solutions SFS Axis Shape Creator Router Template Kit. This is the Essentials Package, it sells for $400 on Mobile Solutions website. Here is a list of everything that comes in the kit: Includes: SFS Hardware...
  2. nickgoose

    COMPLETED High Quality Built Custom Subwoofer Box Enclosure for 3 8" Subs

    I bought this incredible custom enclosure a few months back. I used it for less than a month because I winded up selling my car. I paid $750 for this beautifully designed box! I am asking $400 OBO I live in NJ and prefer to have it picked up but I am willing to ship! Shipping costs will be...
  3. M

    Design Question For Sundown Audio sa-12 Rev3

    Vehicle :Hyundai elantra 2005 Location in the vehicle: in the trunk, port and sub facing towards trunk Space available (Length x Width x Height): 35" deep, 34" Wide, 19" Tall Subwoofer make and model: sundown audio sa-12 Rev 3 Subwoofer Size:12" Number of Subwoofers: 1 Type of Port...
  4. Basser

    Custom subwoofer enclosure - Basser

    Hi, First of all I know it's against your rules to post adverstings and this thread may be deleted together with my account, but I didn't post any link to my company website, so if you feel interested you can find it by typing "Basser" in your browser. I notice more and more people from United...
  5. H

    needed 15 custom made box between 32-36 hz used or new

    Its for dual 15s aq subs at least 4 cubic feet... let me know the price
  6. H

    Pro box builders

    I'm In need of a custom box for 2 12s sa I need a 4 cubic foot box tuned to 34-36 hz I got cash on hand
  7. M

    How to Build a UNIQUE Subwoofer box - Video (Request for pin or Reference Database)

    Hey guys, in this episode I show you how you can take a seemingly normal box, and make it truly custom and one of a kind, and integrate it into your install, and really give your builds a PROFESSIONAL look. Here is the video: [video=youtube;EbP-H3hh5XA] The pictures below outline the steps...
  8. Mboyle1145

    need a box builder

    i am picking up a hdc312 and aq1200d tommorrow and emailed aq for optimum specs for this set up and i am now looking for a custom box builder to build me a mean box hit me up please
  9. B

    New guy here looking for a custom box design.

    Thanks in advance for any help or ideas you guys may have for me. I just recently purchased a new Kicker CVX 12 along with a superbass probox and am just not nearly as happy as I thought I'd be. (Never used a probox before and didn't know what to expect). Anyways, I listen to mostly rap and love...
  10. Sir Pay

    WTT::: Attention SO CAL BOX BUILDERS!!! that are into College Basketball!!!!

    Item(s) for Sale: I have a ticket for the SWEET 16 @ the Honda Center on March 24th. This ticket is also listed on Stub hub @ the moment also Item(s) Description/Condition: The ticket is in Section 418 Row H Price: The Price of tickets in this section are going for 150.00 I am looking to...
  11. so close, yet so far

    so close, yet so far

    sand smooth, bondo, prime & paint!
  12. A bad picture of my box

    A bad picture of my box

    Custom box made to go flush with the back of my chairs so when you fold them down the subwoofers are shown.