1. BassErex

    Bass Louder and softer sometimes... Bass subwoofer problem - Bass loss

    Hello! From above, sorry from too long entry, I wanted to present my problem well. And I'm asking for advice :) . I have weird problem of bass from subwoofer. I fight with this about 4 years On two cars: Mazda 323f Ba and Mazda 6. Sometimes bass is much better and softer. and sometimes i can...
  2. G

    Loss of bass

    Hi guys, having an issue with my audio in my 2006 wrx. I have sound deadened my 4 doors and boot(trunk). Installed jbl gto splits front (6.5") and rear (5.25"), powered by a 1000w pioneer amp(have correctly set gain). I also have a 10" kicker sub on its own amp. The headunit is a grundig. Now...
  3. agreater

    Wiring for 2 subs

    I am installing 2 Rockford 15s 1 is 2 ohm DVC and 1 is 4 ohm DVC I want to wire them up to a 1 or 2 ohm load. Does any one have ideas for this? Thank you Agreater
  4. C

    Need some help/Recommendations

    Hello everybody, I'm relatively new to car audio only know some things and have wired some stuff before. I was looking into getting an Epicenter or one of the knockoffs from other brands because I listen to a good amount of Mexican music and it's just straight lacking bass. Currently, I have a...
  5. Charger1995

    Need help finishing subs install

    This is my first time wiring subs and not hooking them into the head unit directly. I powered and grounded both subs(in separate boxes) from the same source. I wired the high input positive/negative left/right together from both subs and then to each rear speaker. But only the sub on the drivers...
  6. mrpep

    design help for 2 SKAR SDR 15"s in a ported tuned to 33hz.

    So According to Skar I need 3.75 c/ft. each sub and that's 7.5 c/ft. for both. The sub displacement is .875 each so 1.75 for both. So 9.25 c/ft. box, am I correct? I am also looking for 32 / 33hz. I have a box design of : 38w x 26d x 16h = 9.15 c/ft. Now I need a port. Can someone help me...
  7. T

    Subwoofer underpowered

    im running the setup below and it just doesn't hit as hard as I would like. I have a feeling this system is under powered and would like a recommendation on how to improve. 10" CompC 4 Ohm SVC CX300.1 Mono Amplifier
  8. Jeano221

    Subs amp going into protection mode after turning it up HELP

    So I’m having a issue with my amp going into protection mode after turning the radio up, it’s a stock bmw radio and the positive and ground are 11.90 when cars off and 13.60 when car is on, I switched amp snd still did the same thing... don’t know what else to check. Do if anyone can Help me out...
  9. M

    What’s your preferred car audio brand(s)

    Hello, new to the forum and car audio in general. What are your guys preferred brands for certain things in car audio. Ex: amplifiers, 6x9s, tweeters, cross overs, signal processors and such. I’m looking to upgrade a few of these things being budget friendly too. Thanks guys
  10. O

    Bass is overpowering all other frequencies

    I just bought a 2016 Toyota Vitz, and the system sounds considerably worse than my previous 1998 Toyota car, due to the bass being way too pronounced. It's pretty weird, as both cars used stock speakers, except one is 18 years newer. Why is the bass SO loud? From what I've been reading, most...
  11. BassHead50008

    New Mechman alternator 240a

    So I have the big three done in my car. Setup diagram is: 1. Power wire alternator to battery 2. Negative wire to chassis of car 3. Wire Motor block to chassis (layered factory wire) so on the new alternator there is a positive and negative to the battery. Do I need to change the negative to...
  12. BassHead50008

    How to pair mids and highs

    I’m going to be installing (2) Skar 6.5 mid range loudspeakers (4ohm) in my front door and I have a pair of skar 1.8” super tweeters 4 ohm. How Should I wire them? My amp is 600.4 hifonics 2 ohm stable. I’m worried because I’ve heard it’s not recommended to wire the tweeters down to 2ohm...
  13. BassJunkie96

    COMPLETED Selling Crescendo BC3500

    Hey guys, selling a BC3500D works flawlessly and is in great condition only thing is one of the heat sink fins is slightly bent. Selling because I decided to go a different route with my build and will be looking for something in the 4500w range. Comes with gain control knob and wire. Looking...
  14. P

    SOS New Subwoofer - No sound!

    Greetings to all! I got a brand new Sub from Amazon, it is all connected and energized but still no sound coming out. I also connected to my living room home-theater to test and no sound at all. From the Head unit, I install a 2 Farad Capacitor to a Power Ground Distribution Block (to a 500W...
  15. eric_marciniak

    Why is my car still dropping RPM's when the bass hits?

    So to start things off I have a 2008 Infiniti G35X with the stock head unit with an Alpine MRX-M100 mono amp hooked up using pre-amp the signal going to stock Bose amp, a Singer 200 amp alternator, AGM battery, DC Audio Level 2 wired at 2 ohms and 0 gauge Knukoncepts OFC power and ground. I...
  16. trainey3009

    Looking to upgrade subwoofers

    I currently have 4 12" MTX Terminators powered by a Hifonics BE35 1200.1D at 1ohm@34V. I know the MTX Terminators are budget entry subwoofers and I bought them before I knew any better. I'd like to upgrade my subwoofers to either 2 better quality 12" or a single 15" hopefully using the same...
  17. S

    Planning a new setup?

    Hey, there. So I'm planning to buy a new system. nothing too extreme. Planning to go with about 1000w RMS. So i found this Pioneer amp: Seems like a great deal. It rates 1200w RMS @ 1 ohm (not stated at this website, tho)...
  18. M


    I bought this sub brand new to install in my car but the box necessary would not fit inside my trunk. It’s been sitting inside my house on a heated floor since. Will ship at buyers expense. This is the first time I’ve pulled it out of the packaging. Price is firm. This thing was right under...
  19. Blake Vandercar

    Subwoofer dilemma - 12" sundown doesn't go high enough, 10" kickers don't go low enough, what next?

    I had a 12" Sundown SA-12 . Now have 2 Kicker CompRs. Both times, in sealed boxes. Of course, all forums say that Sundowns are always better than Kickers. However, I now like the 10" kickers much better due to having a much wider frequency range (30-500 Hz) whereas the Sundown really failed...
  20. brayball25

    How can I get the best bass under truck seat?

    Hey, I have a gmc sierra 2007 crew cab and I was wondering if someone could tell me what I could do to get the loudest bass under my backseat. Ive been wondering rather to get 3 8s or 4 8s or 2 10s. If anyone has any suggestions or know the best way please let me know.
  21. E

    Which amp is best

    Hey guys, I'm in need of some help in the form of picking the right amplifier for my sub. It's pioneer TS-A300B with around 500WRMS @ 2 ohms, I'm looking to run it at about 300-350wrms, I'm thinking a monoblock amp because it's less stuffing around, I need an amp wthat has a LP Filter however ...
  22. Robert Blackham

    What is it worth?

    I just picked up a Pyle Plmra 1000D 2000 Watt Block Amplifier for 70 bucks. It's basically brand new and I was just wondering what they normally sell for. Wasn't able to find anything as far as prices online. Thanks for the help. 
  23. denim

    BLOW OUT sale on US Acoustics CW12D2 $100 off @ SSA

    We are doing a blowout sale at SSA for the very nice US Acoustics CW12D2 $100 off 4" coil and 30mm of Xmax
  24. H

    single cab system

    hey y’all. so i just bought my first single cab truck. i want to put a bad ass system in it, but i don’t want to have a speaker box in the seats. i’m new to this, so what do y’all suggest? i’m open to anything, really. anything helps, thank you!!! 
  25. S

    Amp and cd player. how to tune

    when u get your sound system all hooked up what is the first to last step on tuning your system? i found some people tune the amp then the cd player is that right?
  26. Jason Taylor

    What Sub Should I go with?

    So I recently have been running Rockford p2 12s, 2 of them, but they both recently blew, and I personally am not a Rockford fan anyways and am looking for what to go with next, my price range is like $120 per sub or but I’m flexible on that. Just want to get something that hits harder than the...
  27. mendon mafia

    2 sealed vs 1 ported. My experience so far!

    Hi everyone, Before I get started, for reference: Vehicle-1994 Chevy Caprice 9C1 Electrical - stock, 1/0 from battery to amp, grounded to trunk floor, needs big 3 or more but suffices for now Amp - Wolfram Audio 2400.1d (has clipping indicator bass knob!), subsonic 10hz, hpf max Woofers -...
  28. M

    Do you know the name of this 10" Subwoofer?

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet I got them from my brother as a hand-me-down, I had them hooked up to a hifonics 1000watt amp which made them quake but after all this time I'm trying to figure out what brand it is because I'm tired of saying I don't know. If you know please...
  29. T

    Hard decisions... Need help

    Okay so my truck is a 2008 GMC Canyon. Its a extended cab and the truck is relatively small. So I found a box design that I like and.I know some custom box builders and I can get one built. But my problem is I don't know what subs to get. It's either going to be 2 Soundqubed HDS215s and the 1200...
  30. T

    Need some advice.

    So i'm getting my car tomorrow and i'm buying subs. I want to do 3 12in subs, in a ported box. But i'm not sure what subs i should get. I am on a budget, but need a lot of bass. So i need to know a good combo of Amp and Subs.
  31. Louisiana_CRX

    Its all about the Bass .....

    And fresh wasp larva is good fishing bait ....Whats the best way to rob these larva without poison ? I heard they don't sting at night and you can just yank the nest down and shake them off.......but that may not be true....a friend suggested some canned instant freeze ...and another said hit...
  32. R

    First audio system, need help

    this is the first audio system i am installing and i have absolutely no idea what to buy and install. I want something rich in bass and have those lights that pulse with the bass. Can anyone tell me what to buy and link to it?
  33. N

    What bass to choose for 335i

    Hi Everyone - I have stock 2009 BMW 335i setup and would like to add a subwoofer. Something that has a strong preference towards electronic music. A couple questions: Does the BMW unit have an output for an external amp? What kind small form factor pre-made sub should I go for? I was...
  34. AtillaTheHung

    Hardly any excursion?

    So I have a Cerwin Vega V122D paired with a JVC KD-R850BT and a Hifonics ZRX 1000.1D. It sounds good and bumps loud, but for some odd reason I don't have hardly any excursion. I figured it would be because I'm running 8AWG wire to my amp from my battery. I guess that would be a dummy mistake...
  35. B

    Amplifier flashes protect when the bass hits and shuts off ! Please Help !

    I have a single 12" Adire audio Brahama DVC running at 2 ohms (4 ohms per coil) that is being powered by a Kicker ZX 500.1, tied to a Boss 20 Farad Cap, 4 gauge wires all around (not sure). "I can provide some pictures if needed" Unfortunately, my amp shuts off when I play my music a little...
  36. Kinetik batteries for Exile install

    Kinetik batteries for Exile install

    Exile Xtec65 comp. (1 set) Exile 6.9 coax. (1 set) Exile XPS12 (2) Exile 1200.1 (2) Exile 600.4 (1) Kinetik hc 1200 (main) Kinetik hc 1400 kinetik hc 2400 PS3 slim 250gb, 500w power inverter 5 monitors.
  37. Exile Car Audio installation in 2004 Hyundai Tiburon

    Exile Car Audio installation in 2004 Hyundai Tiburon

    Exile Xtec65 comp. (1 set) Exile 6.9 coax. (1 set) Exile XPS12 (2) Exile 1200.1 (2) Exile 600.4 (1) Kinetik hc 1200 (main) Kinetik hc 1400 kinetik hc 2400 PS3 slim 250gb, 500w power inverter 5 monitors.
  38. V

    Wiring help.

    Is it possible to wire 12 dual 4 ohm subs to one monoblock amp and get a final impedance of 1 ohm or 2 ohms?? If so how would i do this?
  39. RChillin

    Looking for a Clean sounding sub!

    Hey guys. I'm more of an spl guy so I don't know much about the sq side of subwoofers. I need to get some opinions and reviews of what to look out for. I'm leaning towards an SA 10. And if possible show to me to a couple subwoofers. I'm looking to run a single 10, prolly less than 800 rms, and...