1. Jimbo1227

    High output alternator help

    What’s up all. I installed a mechman 370 on my f150. Now I’m getting a charging system light and my headlights are flickering even when radio and everything are off. My voltage also doesn’t stay steady even at idle it goes up and down from about 13.3 to 15.4. No idea what the hell it is. I’ve...
  2. BassHead50008

    New Mechman alternator 240a

    So I have the big three done in my car. Setup diagram is: 1. Power wire alternator to battery 2. Negative wire to chassis of car 3. Wire Motor block to chassis (layered factory wire) so on the new alternator there is a positive and negative to the battery. Do I need to change the negative to...
  3. alecrfreeman30

    Do i need to replace my OEM alternator and battery?

    I'm about to install a 12" Sundown Xv2 D2 1500wrms ran by a wolfram w3000.1(yes, I know the amp way overpowers the sub, but it was free). Just curious if that's considered too much power for an OEM electrical setup. I Was going to do a big 3 (4) upgrade too but wasn't sure if that would be...
  4. A

    Mechman Alternator in 05 Civic help

    I have a Mechman S Series 6 phase 240 amp alternator for 1.7L Civic , Been trying to install it but I am having issues. I can get it installed but it bottoms out on the AC compressor and only gives me less then an inch to play with on the tensioner for the alternator/ Ac belt ( serp belt ). I...
  5. P

    Big3 upgrade problems

    So I bought the sky high audio 1/0 big 3 kit and installed it today. I ran one from positive alternator post to positive battery post. One from negative battery post to ground. And one from the engine block to a body ground. All 1/0. Got in and played a little music and my voltage still dropped...
  6. P

    Electrical upgrade

    I’m looking into getting the taramps 1800.1 and either the sundown sa-12’s or 15’s or the sundown e-12’s or 15’s when I get the money. Ik I will need some electrical upgrades because rn I’m running the stock electrical with a 1200 rms amp and it drops my voltage to 12.4 if the sub is up high...
  7. BayAreaSlaps408

    Quality Power HO Alternators

    Was thinking of replacing my stock 120amp alt for HO between 200-250. Was told to avoid eBay so with that being said I've researced several spots. Mechman & other spots does not make one for my car and other places is just to much $. Only one that looked good in my price range besides cheap...
  8. drbizerk

    If this were your would you do the set up?

    Here is what I'm working with Year: 1993 Make: Chevy Model: c1500 Silverado 2wd Ext Cab v8 Alternators: 2 Singer 270amp & 1 factory upgraded 140 amp Batteries: 1 Optima Redtop 1000 ca (up front) & 2 UPS style (northstar) 190ah (in the bed) Headunit: None (iPod touch) EQ: Clarion 7...
  9. S

    First post need help please. Electrical help

    Hey guys, First post on the forums and i need help lol. My current setup is 2 15" soundqubed hds300's wired to 1 ohm each on a hifonics brx2400.1d and the way i was planning on running it was i was going to use my xs power d3400 in the rear but i wasnt going to have a charge cable coming from...
  10. murph

    stock alt with sax-1200d

    I have a 2011 Chrysler 200 with a stock 160 amp alt. Will a sax-1200d be easily ran on this at 1 ohm 1200 rms?
  11. B

    Items needed to Finish my Install (Batts, Alt, 25ft. 1/0 wire)

    Want to Buy to finish my install. Still need Batteries. Running about 5k daily, so I figured I'd run an XS D1200 under the hood, and a D3100 in the trunk Also need about 25ft. of 1/0 to finish my Big 3. Doesn't matter which color but I want quality wire. Could use some good ring connectors as...