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Need speaker help

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hi i have a bmw 325 is 1993 i am thinking on upgrading the sound system my problem its the door speakers the ones that have are oem and dount look or sound good the sound horrible and they and the grills are broke i need to upgrade them because of the terrible sound and the looks but i want a 3.5 speaker or a 4.0 speaker that come with grills and have the flush mount option so it looks as oem as posible also the twetter does some one knows wich speakers have that option i am interested in good speaker not cheap thanks

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4" speakers are pretty rare.

Are you shure that you will be able to get them in puerto rico.

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My brother has 4" Rainbow components- Rainbow (German) makes numerous factory replacement sets for BMW, Mercedes, Audis...etc.... in their IQ line

rainbow....homemade sounds best

DYNAUDIO E S O T E C....Mobile Fidelity


Panasonic Vacuum Tube

TRU Technology SSLD6

TRU Technology STEEL S44 & S500

DYNAUDIO Esotec System 362

Dynaudio MW190 12" (x2) IB

Stinger Expert/Esoteric Audio Isopath/Cascade


Refs-NE14MX , jdavis37, anarchy57, mj121983 , ll kadoy ll, TheBigDu , cdj ,Kawasaki STX-R ,Fdeez ,Ksin291,meangta, lil azn 06, HAVINGFUN, Loud1500, Flipx99 , jjunior887 ,mastarecoil ,slammed , T3mpest ,westerbud, Airman21, bconn587, LexNBimmer,namike, alphakenny1, HebrewHammer,chadillac,remiserg, purerx7tt, OCURIEL, coneO,Igno,Iluvzmzm,godzukiduce,CrazedCat,skylar112,


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