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speaker making a horrible noise. not alternator whine

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I picked up a 2000 ford lightning about two years ago that already had a stereo system installed. Recently i took off the kick panels on the doors to put new vinyl on them. during the process i removed the speakers and tweeters and kept the crossovers in the door. Ive also done some window work replacing both the motors and regulators. A couple of weeks ago my driver side door mid developed an extremely loud tone. It typically only makes this tone after Ive been listening to music for a while and it does not sound like the typical high frequency alternator whine. the best way i can describe it is if you spoke the number one and just carried out the "ne" at the end of it indefinitely. i have no idea whats causing this sound and it doesn't seem to affect the tweeter coming off of the same crossover. with all of the work ive done to the panels and windows my gut tells me its something inside the door and isolated from the headunit and amp. any guesses would be great as a visual inspection turned up nothing. thanks for the help

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the amount of people that view posts on this site and leave absolutely no response is baffling. what are we doing here?

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