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About to build a box for Type R 12's. Ported or sealed. Advice?

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Hey everyone. This is my first post here. I've been browsing this site for ideas and help for a bit now, and I love it. I just got 2 Type R 12's, and I'm coming from JL Audio 12w0v2's which were my best subs I ever owned until now. Sold them and the PG Tantrum 500.2 amp that pushed them and bought these, which are in a cheap, way out of spec, stapled together ported box, and pushed by my Kicker KX800.2. They pound more than anything I've ever heard in person. I feel that the right box would really make them pound, so I designed one using the spec sheet from alpine. It will be a ported box tuned to 32 hz. My problem- my JL's would pound pulsing bass like what you hear in dubstep, and you could differentiate each bass hit in each sequence of pulsing bass. Rap bass hits were awesome as well. These subs are much louder and really pound, rap sounds amazing, but dubstep bass hit sequences blend together into a single semi-fluctuating bass drop. Ugh. I know that sealed boxes will always be tighter and more accurate than ported, but will the right box tuned to 32 hz bring me tighter bass than what I have now? I believe it will, but I'm worried that it won't be that much. Judging by the spec sheet and mechanical properties of the sub (short throw, tightness of the cone, etc) this sub looks like it does best in a ported box. But I want those individual bass hits back during those sequences. Got all the tools needed to build a box this week. Drew up plans for both sealed and ported, based on alpine suggested optimum specs. Just need the mdf which I will have friday. Ready to build, but I need a little insight before I proceed. What do you guys think? Anyone run these sealed vs ported? Anyone know if my bass will get any tighter with each sub having a vent that is 12"h x 1.25"w x 22"L vs the shared port of 11"h x 3.5"w x 11"L that this crappy box has?

Any help and advice is greatly appreciated. This is my first box build, and the best subs I've ever owned, and I wanna jump into the ring swinging on this one and make it count.



Oh yeah- net volume of the ported box I drew up is 1.3 cft per sub, separate chambers.

Sealed is .78 cft, per sub, also separate chambers.

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