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I need a wiring diagram for my 1994 nissan pathfinder pleasee

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jsut found out that my homie can install alarm systems. and he needs a wiring diagram?? do u guys know where i can get a wiring diagram for my 1994 Nissan Pathfinder?


Thanks everyone!

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12volts white/black + ignition harness


Starter black/yellow + ignition harness


Second Starter black/yellow + ignition harness


Ignition black/white + ignition harness


Accessory black/blue + ignition harness


Power Lock black/yellow - driver kick panel


Power Unlock black/red - driver kick panel


Parking Lights+ pink/blue steering column


Door Trigger red/black - left A pillar


Trunk/Hatch Pin common with doors


Trunk/Hatch Release lt. green/red + at release switch


Tachometer white AC lrg. conn. by dr. kick


Brake Wire green/yellow + at brake pedal switch

Parking Brake


Horn Trigger lt. green/black - steering column


TRU Billet 2200 ..Dyn Esotar 1200

TRU Billet 4100 ..Dyn Esotar110/Esotar430

TRU Billet 4100 ..DYN MD182s


Way to many to list, seriously. I lost count when it passed 100 :)

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