Wiring 3 amps?


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Sep 29, 2011
Hey there getting ready to install a third amp.
I've read it's suggested to add a relay for the remote wires ?

Is this necessary? Factory stereo with dsr1 installed ,

Taramps 4 channel 1200 RMS
Pioneer 500 RMS
Taramps Md 3000.

I was just going to piggy them off the two amps now like they already are ...is that ok??

Thanks 👍


Nov 6, 2013
Thanks very much for the reply..
Why is this though ? Because of the dsr1 able to put out more remote wires ?

Thanks !
I have 3 amps, that use the same remote wire. I have No dsr1. The dsr1 is not the reason you are able to splice the remote wire. I hope I understood your question. You can PM me if you need further explanation. The quick answer to your question is that the remote wire is sending a strong enough voltage that it will turn on your amps.

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