Wheel painting


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Oct 20, 2016
Lake county , CA
Im looking to DIY paint my wheels on my Avalon ! Looking for some advice on paint! Id rather use a good ratle method! The wheels im painting r just stock wheels scrathed up and dented in a few spots they look ugly just want a quick and cheap way to spruce up the look a lil! I decided on black for the color , i hear rustoleums stove black is pretty tough stuff and that would work for a quick and project like this! I know the paint will chip over time but the wheels could be touched up with a few sprays!



Jan 8, 2017
u can just sand and paint 3coats then use clear coat but i've seen some of these shows use special stuff and by them time they don't cost about $250 u can get 4 new wheels on discount tire right now for probably $400., i've seen times i could get 4 17" wheels and tires for $490, just sign up for the credit card and u can use it right then., i just used mine 30 mins ago for gas and i get a $10 bill credit just for buying gas..



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Jul 25, 2019
New Orleans
I had bought some rims for my nissan nv200 from rim time paid them off and a week later got ran off road by a text driver and curbed rashed the sides of my rims. So pissed right. Well I youtube a couple ideas and came up with a fairly cheep way to fix. I bought a can of the metal harden bondo and the primer paint and clear coat for rims. all under 100.00 bucks . then you just sand and sand and sand all damaged spots and rust spots on rims then fill in cracks scratches or gouges with bond. Not to thick just enough to fill. then start sanding again. using different grades of paper from 60 grit to 2000 wet sand. then prime the whole rim. sand with 2000 or more grit . clean and paint first coat. dry then wet sand again with 2000 grit or more. then pain a little more second coat dry. wet sand 2000 or more dry clear coat evenly dry wet sand 5000 grit. clean and spray clear coat again. it took me a good 2 days to complete. and i taped some different designs on rims and painted 2 different colors.


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