What setup do you recommend for my Toyota Yaris 2019


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Mar 3, 2020
Hi everybody.

Short story:
I recently got a great deal on a Toyota Yaris 2019 Hybrid H3 GR Sport and I love it, the only problem is, the sound system is made of [insert your most hated material here]
So, basically I want to upgrade, but I do like the stock TAS 500 radio in the car, so what I think is a great idea, is to simply replace the speakers and then put in a high-level input amp in front of the speakers, to maintain a hidden and stock looking install. (sound proofing the doors while having the panels off)
Some good quality speakers/amps should make it so I don't need a dedicated sub? (right?)

My requirements:
I don't want to cut in the original wires if possible, as I can easily solder plugs to make connections so cutting should be avoidable.
I want to be able to adjust the sound settings in the original radio, so just putting a high/low converter in and wire that as input to a normal amp seems like a bad idea? (right?)
I want to keep the stock TAS 500 radio.
Amps should be as small as possible for easy installment, the yaris dosen't have alot of space.

So, my problem, I think, comes down to: Is this the best / most correct way to do this, and which amps do I want if so.
Also, do you guys know if it's ok just to tap directly from the battery under the backseat or should some kind of anti-drain system be installed first as it is a hybrid car?

I belive I will go with Pioneer speaker sets as I have had great experience with those in the past.

Sorry for my bad english, and thanks for your help. :)

PS: I'm from Denmark, so the car is european if that makes any difference.

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