1. W

    What amp 4 me?

    I need guidance concerning what amps i will be running. I will be running 6 Soundqubed HDC3 15s (2 ohm dual voice coil.) I already have 2 of the subs so i cant turn back. I want to run these around 3k watts rms a piece. My budget is $2000 but if i need to maybe $3000 if I have to. So what would...
  2. denim

    SoundQubed HDC3 sale!

    We are having a sale on the SoundQubed HDC3 12"/15"/18". The sale runs until August 15th.   Check out the sale here: Sub Woofers - SoundQubed - HDC 3.0 - SSA STORE
  3. C

    Building my first box for 2 HDC3 12's

    Hi, new to the forum but I've been browsing it for a while now. Currently building a system on a budget. I'm getting the 2 SQ HDC3 12's, either 2 SQ 2200's or 2 Hifonics brutus 2400's. Also throwing an XS battery in there (not sure which one yet) and a HO Alternator. Starting off with a...
  4. SubieSPL_Maniac

    Wtt hdc3 18 for beefy 12

    Looking to Trade my HDC3 18 for a beefy 12 of 2 12's. Dont have a vehicle that has the space for it and plan on getting something smaller... The 18 is in great condition, had it for about a year now, but has never seen more than 1.5K or whatever an AUDIOPIPE APSM 2000d can actually put out...
  5. O

    Nuff Said, Alonzo

  6. O

    Weekend #1 Done

    Well the '97 Integra - SoundQubed build has finally kicked off. I think I got pretty far for just a few days. The first photo just shows the interior completely ripped out. I know I **** at taking photos, so I have noting showing how much deadener and foam I put in this bad boy. I also leveled...
  7. O

    Soundqubed HDC3 18 or Fi BL 18?

    I'm looking to purchase a new 18" sub. I have roughly $350 to work with, but am stuck between a Soundqubed HDC3 or the Fi BL. I've had an Fi SSD 12" and loved that thing, so I'm somewhat familiar with the Fi build. I've never owned anything Soundqubed (Audioque), but have heard them in action a...
  8. basswiigee

    Hdc3 12 x2 or better....

    Title says it all looking to buy some hdc3 12s or something better, keep prices fair....
  9. K

    Help with fixing my box

    Alright well I went ahead and built a box for my hdc3 15 with an aero port and the tuning did not sound right according to the psp port tuning tool. I designed the box to be 4.25 cu ft and I even went over my dimensions multiple times to ensure I had them right. I busted out my tape measure and...

    (1) AQ HDC3 15 D1 w/Kevlar Cap $300 OBO

    Item(s) for Sale: I have (1) of my Custom built AQ HDC3 15s for sale Item(s) Description/Condition: Specifics on this woofer -HDC3 340 oz motor -Dual 1 ohm 8 layer flat wound Aluminum coil -10 gauge direct leads -v4 15 inch basket -6 spider pack suspension -Custom reinforced triple...
  11. ChevyRidinLow

    help. hdc3 18 rattle noise?

    First off I had a 4 sundown nightshade v1 15s and 1 of them started doing this with no obvious reason why. It was the one I had been using by itself while the build was in progress. Now I got a smaller car. I've been using the same crappy amp as I did when I used the single nsv1 (hifonics...
  12. M

    Help with box construction for 2 HDC318-A

    Is a box that is 13.6 cubic feet big enough for two of these subs? That is with estimated displacement of the subwoofers. This is going in a ford contour trunk. Until I can wall them off. If it is two big I will also get rid of some cubes. If anybody could draw up some blueprints for my install...
  13. galacticmonkey

    FS: 18" Audioque HDC3

    Item(s) for Sale: 18" Audioque HDC3 Item(s) Description/Condition: Brand new. Freshly rebuilt by Robin (iamamp3pimp). Dual 2ohm coils. Just hooked it up on my HT receiver (300w) just to make sure everything was working right. Price: Looking for $275 picked up or $310 shipped in the SE USA...
  14. Re3xxx

    AQ HDC3 15s or RE Audio SX 15s

    Okay I need help. im trien to decide which subs to go with for my next build. Iv really been thinking about going with the AQ HDC3s but i want to be sure before i do. My idea was three Re Audio SX 15s with a 1500 watt rms amp on each one. I know a guy who did it and he was hitting 162 dbs. My...
  15. Me&MyVic

    [FS] 2 AQ HDC3 18s D2

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 Audioque HDC3 18s Item(s) Description/Condition: Mechanical 10/10 Appearance 7.5/10 Each sub had a small amount of silicon put on the surround when the drill slipped on two separate occasions. One sub has only been owned by me since Aug of 2008. The other sub was bought...
  16. Re3xxx

    Alpine flip out, HDC315 aluminium coils, AQ 3500

    Okay heres what im looking for: i really want a nice alpine hu that flips out and goes into a touch screen and has dvd and cd. i would also like nice headrest and visor screens that can be hooked up to a dvd/cd player, PICTURES HELP ALOT! next what im looking for is 2 to 4 15' HDC3s. I will...
  17. J

    WTB AQ HDC3 15 D2 copper coils

    I need a 15" audioque hdc3 15 that is Dual 2 ohm, and has copper coils. Anybody got 1?