Trying to figure out how to hook up new h/u to my factory bose. Got all the specs


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Alright I drive a 1991 Acura Legend LS with a broken h/u. It is equipped with a bose headunit, 80x4W Peak Power Bose Amp(made by kicker) behind the rear seat, 6.75 front speakers, and 6x9 rear speakers. The speakers function at a 2 ohm load per channel.

This is the H/U I plan on buying...not sure how many ohms per channel it puts out though

Not sure what would sound better? Running my factory speakers off of the aftermarket h/u or using a LLC (Line Level Converter) in between the h/u and bose amp. What would I connect my stock amp to the h/u with?

Thanks in advance! Any help is greatly appreciated. Driving around with no music is killing me //


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If you can find a harness adaptor for the car then you can run thru the factory amp. Otherwise I would get rid of all the factor stuff and replace with new amps and speakers. If your budget is tight, Start looking for the harness.



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You are going to need an adapter,check out PAC's web site.They make them and have all the info you need to change headunits and keep the rest of your Bose stuff.


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