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I got a pair of Kenwood Excelon 6x9's both In boxes in the rear trunk of my vehicle. I bought a small 2 channel amp to power these speakers. My amp was all set up good and everything and all I had to do left was run speakers wires to the speakers from the head unit. With my wiring harness behind my deck because of having an aftermarket deck I was unsure which wires went to the door speakers. So I just took the door panels off of the rear two doors and soldered the speaker wires onto the factory speaker wires in the rear two doors. Anyways I ran the wires back to the 6x9's in the trunk, I hooked them up and they seemed to be working fine. As soon as I try to also put the speaker wires coming from the amplifier to the speakers I get a wiring DC error pop up on my deck. The only way to clear this deck is to unhook my battery terminal and reset the deck. If anyone could help me figure this problem out that would be great! I researched into this error and what I found if that it means a speaker is being grounded out, which is not possible because I didn't leave any exposed wire. Also now my amplifier lights are not coming on, which possible could mean a bad ground. This goes exactly against what the code says, saying that the speaker is being grounded out

Sort of impossible to follow what you're trying to do. That's probably why you're not getting any replies.

If you're using the amp to power the 6x9's and deck to power the rear (door) speakers I don't understand what you're doing messing with the wiring in the doors.

If you're using the amp to power the 6x9's and the door speakers then the factory speaker wires need to be disconnected from the head unit.

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