Thoughts on satellite radio

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Apr 23, 2019
Hey there. I'm wondering on what everyone's opinions are on SiriusXM radio. There's a promo where I can get the add-on tuner for free after a mail in rebate. So, I'd just have to pay the monthly subscription. But, I'm not sure I'd really get enough benefit out of it to justify the recurring cost. I only drive my car to and from work, which is about 40 minutes one way. Now I listen mostly to music via my phone (mostly Amazon music) and podcasts. I don't take any long road trips or anything. I like the idea of the variety of channels, but I'm not sure how many I'd actually listen to. My wife has it in her car and loves it. We rented a car last week for a road trip from TX to CO and it had it. But, I found myself mostly flipping through the channels looking for something I liked. Please share your thoughts and experiences. 



Dec 8, 2017
If your wife has a tuner in her car just use her account to access the app. App sounds better than their tuners and no added fee as long as she has the package that includes the app. If not just upgrade. Would be cheaper than adding another tuner to the account.. If she uses the app you just can't access it on your phone at the same time. 


wew lad

wew lad inc
Mar 22, 2015
It really depends on whether or not the convenience is worth it to you.

Almost everyone has unlimited data (or enough data for music for a road trip) so consider the fact that you could listen to literally anything you want on your phone via bluetooth when thinking about it. 

The only time I really enjoyed having SiriusXM was for long cross country trips flying in a small aircraft. It was really worth it to rent a plane with SiriusXM and autopilot. It's not like you're getting data at 8000' but satellite radio will be crystal clear and it's well integrated into the comms. 

If whatever the cost is (say 20/month) is a drop in the bucket when compared to your income and the convenience is worth it, or it makes your wife happy (lol) then it may be worth it

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Nov 6, 2013
My wife,  my daughter, and I all have it in our vehicles. It is very convenient on long trips, and provide lots of options for local driving. Lots of entertainment at your finger tips. 


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Jul 10, 2019
Stamford CT
We both have in in our DD's and its pretty convenient...but...when I put it in my corvette and compared the sound to my CD's it was pretty poor. But I will still keep it as I like the stations and changing CD's is a pain and I only have so much music on my MP3 player. The channels do tend to repeat the playlists a lot but you will have access to a lot of different ones so it keeps it interesting and has introduced me to bands I did not know.