I am looking for guidance in selecting audio installation shop


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Feb 12, 2016
For 2018 Honda CR-V EX-L, I was quoted the following at an audio+mechanic shop:
  • $500 5-channel amp RF P1000X5
  • $250 speakers RF T2652-S
  • $225 installation service
  • $100 4 AWG Kit
  • $40 LOC x 2 Edge
I started researching things on my own and found out that the amp often overheats, and decided to go the route of separate bass/speaker amps. I then acquired the following on my own:
  • HO110-W6v3
  • Mosconi ONE 1000.1D Monoblock 1000W
  • Mosconi Gladen One 130.4
And went to another place that is more of a window tinting/audio system place. I was quoted the following on top of what I already have:
  • $500 labor
  • $300 DSP
  • $200 everything else
My question is like so ... it seems that the tinting place charges more for labor, and charges more for DSP and charges more for everything else. In comparison it seems that the mechanic place will do the install for closer to $365, compared to $1000 at the tinting place.

I should note that BOTH places install audio systems, have audio displays, and advertise audio installation. I call one a "mechanic", since they share their space with a shop, and I call the other one a "tinting shop" because they advertise tinting as their main business.

Question: what do I do? Do I talk to the mechanic place and have them install the correct DSP instead of a chap LOC, or do I go to the tinting place and have they do the higher-cost install? Do I need to do more research or otherwise?


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Sep 23, 2018
I'd go for the cheaper cost install. Cheaper cost does NOT mean cheap install .

Do some more research, but I've found most car audio businesses, employees don't know what the hell they're talking about or if they do, they're trying to sell you, the one exception, is most of the ACTUAL car audio Installers/Techs. They have almost always been very straight shooting. Sometimes hard to catch them with free time.

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