The Second Amendment.

Timbo74 Well Known
Aug 10, 2019
Drunk on Fox news propaganda that feeds identity politics are we?

That itself is another driving force dividing this country.

Omg we disagree so that makes us bitter enemies so lets hurl insults like fucking children instead of debating like grown adults with a sense of class.

I hold liberal ideals but I am one of few who understand when its time to reach across the aisle and work with the other side over our differences. Thats how our country was built.

Identity politics only further widen an already growing rift in the differences between sides.

If you aren't someone who is willing to put your differences aside and work with the other party then you are a contributing reason of what is wrong with this country. It doesn't matter what side you are on. Nothing will happen if we can't learn to work together and come to an agreement.
I don’t get any news from Fox, CNN, or any other corporate owned, politically biased fake news organization, it’s all bias, propaganda...meant for division! The only way America can heal, is if we Americans solve our petty, insignificant differences, and realize we are all matter what color, or religion.
You liberals feed off the propaganda like your mind, and realize....if we don’t come to common ground, our country is doomed!

Timbo74 Well Known
Aug 10, 2019
Are you that ignorant to deny that young white men have been committing all of these mass shootings? And they have all posted their manifestos to white nationalist message boards online.
Wrong again! Here is an actual picture of every mass shooter in 2019. Hardly even close to what you say.....You sir, are a big part of the problem! Lies, lies, and more lies!


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Timbo74 Well Known
Aug 10, 2019
I'm not sure how you can really say it's the right that's driving identity politics...I used to be a Democrat...but they really lost me when ALL they seem to talk about is identity politics.

They claim the right is racist...well the proof is usually in what people here in my home state of NH the 'racist' Republicans selected a black gentleman to run to represent us in congress, Ed Edwards. This is in a state that's about 94% white.

So a state that's 94% white...the Republicans select an African-amercan to represent us...why? because the TRUTH is on the right RACE DOESN'T MATTER. that's what the left fails to see. Equality isn't about special programs or hand-outs or's about being fair to everyone.

As someone with gay, trans, and 'people-of-color' in my family (by blood not just marriage) it really gets old listening to the left presume to think that all individuals within their respective communities are monolithic in their thinking. The left divides folks up into the their presumed special interest group then they spew out whatever hollow rehearsed line that they feel is appropriate for that group.

You talk about working together but you immediately demonize the 'otherside' as you put it.

Circling back to the thread...I watched an interesting interview with a black author about what he perceives as "fast-tragedies" and "slow-tragedies". Basically he compares mass-shootings with gang type violence in a city like Chicago. He compares the numer of folks lost in 'quick' incidents like mass shootings...then the 'slower' loss of just as many (in some cases many more) than mass shooting incidents. he also compares the racial make-up of the two respectively...what do you think he found? Where the racial make-up of mass shooters seems to be predominately white...what do you think the predominate racial make-up is of those in the inner cities where gun violence is prevalent?

So for you to say white peeps are real threat when it comes to gun violence you're being disingenuous at best.

The honest conversation isn't happening.
Exactly...... +10000%


Jun 8, 2018
Saint Marys, GA
Are you that ignorant to deny that young white men have been committing all of these mass shootings? And they have all posted their manifestos to white nationalist message boards online.
Actually, friend, I don't want to state the obvious and point out YOUR ignorance but "Young White Men" have not committed ALL these mass shootings. Just so you are better informed:

Colin Ferguson - Black

Omar S. Thornton - Black

Nathan Dunlap - Black

John Allen Muhammad - Black DC Sniper
Lee Boyd Malvo - Black DC Sniper

Christopher Dorner - Black

These are Back Men committing mass shootings and murder. White Men have not committed ALL of them and a little research will show you that they have committed most of them... most, not all. In fact from 1982 to 2019 White Men have committed 64 mass shootings and Blacks have committed 19 mass shootings. Color/Race aside... all these people became unstable. The cause of this unstable mindset is what should be discovered. Like I said, nobody just wakes up and says "Let's murder people today for no reason."


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Oct 15, 2005
The funny thing is a liberal started this thread. You can't just but people in a box.

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