Super simple Q - how to install 4 front speakers with only F&R aftermarket stereo?

Albert Penello Newbie
Nov 9, 2018
Hey folks! Have a super simple question that's probably really easy for a crew of experienced installers, but I know very little about stereo installs. 

I'm working with an older (1987) Mercedes SEL and trying to retain a factory look. Stock, the car came with small 4x6 speakers in the Dash, and 6" round speakers in the rear decklid which I have replaced with modern equivalents. I am using a VDO/Continental aftermarket media unit with a standard ISO connection with Front and Rear speaker wires. The car has no provision for pre-outs, I only have standard green/purple/gray/white wires to deal with. I have no amp or subs (and no need for one) so everything is connected now and sounds fine. 

Here's my question - 

Later model SEL's added door speaker enclosures, with another 6" speaker and a small high-pass filter to give more bass up front. I was able to get a set of these enclosures which will allow me to add door speakers to my car without cutting anything up. I will simply need to fish a set of wires to these new speakers. But I'm not sure how to wire them.

I know I will need to replace the older original speaker with a modern 6" round speaker. However, I assume I cannot just simply "split" the F/L and F/R speakers and run 4 speakers off 1 channel and that little head unit. I *really* don't want to wire in a big amp, so I think I need something REALLY small which will allow me to take the speaker line wires to some sort of small amp, that will allow me to power those door speakers. I also don't know what will happen when amplified power hits those factor high-pass filters. 

Anyone have a good, simple solution to this problem?



Barry Schanz
Jan 3, 2011
Grafton, ND
Please forgive me as I am not familiar with a 1987 "SEL". It is possible the audio system with door speakers included 2 amplifiers, one for the left side and one for the right side. It seems like you want to get better sound with the design philosophy of the original sound system, yet equipment this old is likely to sound poor or not work correctly. 

I think what would handle this for you is a micro amplifier with 4 output channels. AudioControl's ACM-4.300  is only 9.4″W x 3.0″D x 1.75″H


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