Subwoofer & Amp Install Questions: RAV4 OEM Audio System

Parker888 Newbie
Aug 9, 2019
After upgrading my front component speakers, I purchased a subwoofer and amplifer that I think will work nicely with my 2017 RAV4 "Entune Premium Audio" system (which lacks a subwoofer); you can see what I purchased here:

I have a few questions which may help me attain a competent installation from one of my local shops:

  • I was told by one installer that my RAV4 OEM head unit is connected to a separate OEM amplifier located in different part of the car. Is this true? If so, where is the OEM amplifier?
  • Does my OEM amplifier have a crossover adjustment that can be used to stop sending very low bass frequencies to the front speakers when a subwoofer is added?
  • Does my OEM amplifier have a phase adjustment?
  • Although my new 750 watt subwoofer amplifier accepts "high level" inputs, I was told by one car audio installer that a line-out converter (PAC SNI-35 that sells for less than $8 on Amazon but he would charge me $50) is still recommended to protect the OEM amplifier from feedback that could destroy it. He also said the converter would help "amplify" the signal. Are these claims true? [I think the installer may have meant "adjust" the signal rather than "amplify" the signal; I doubt English is his first language.]

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