Subs and amp install for 2005 town and country

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DIYvegasKid Newbie
Have a 2005 Town and country looking to put two JL Audio 10W6v3-4 and JL Audio HD1200/1 amp in rear cargo area when seats are in the in-use.position. I have about L40" x W24" (front to back) x D10" (bottom of seat area to main van floor height) 40"x24"x10". I want to build a custom fiberglass/MDF enclosure using a slot port with a port area of 36in.sq. and a length of around 35in. At 39hz that being calculated from an enclosure area of 1.5sq.ft. not including woofer displacement. And in the space I have I want to add the amp in like an inlay on the enclosure with LEDs possibly. My question is basically would anyone have any ideas on sub and amp positioning and.placement in that area and space I gave above? Maybe even post a quick sketch so I have an idea of what you may be going to try and add a sketch of what I'm thinking if my art skills can benefit my vision.. I don't want a sealed enclosure that I can do with no issues and a round port enclosed the port will get to long at the size of the port I'm looking for. And I would like to keep the enclosure tight to almost level with the floor just remember I do want to use both fiberglass and MDF so getting everything to connect smooth with not to complicated of a design is what I'm looking for.and I know it may just be easier to go with something of less complication but I enjoy the challenge. And if anyone has experience in town and country systems please post. anyways thank you for any comments and post.
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