Stereo West in Omaha


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Apr 6, 2008
stereowest customers //
DJSCREW and others,

The story of audio stores selling, installing, then STEALING the gear back, is as old as time. Truth of the matter is, it is a bad few that do it, and make a bad name for others.

It is about as likely as going to the hospital for a spider bite, and having a leg amputated accidentally, it is maybe .0001% of chance.

HOWEVER, FOR YOU TO SAY THAT A REPUTABLE COMPANY like SWAT does it as policy, or condones it is ABSURD!

Even if there is only one employee doing it consistently, don't you think the police could easily link the pieces together? Of course they would. AND IF THEY DID THIS AS A COMPANY THEY WOULD BE OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!

As far as installing a secret switch to disable an alarm (you didn't post that) that is just assinine. An installer would just code another remote to your alarm....

The thing that bothers me the most about your post, is that many of us in this industry work very hard to uphold a practice of honesty, and integrity for many years. Unfortunately, it only takes one ignorant, misinformed, or immature kid to help spread a ridiculous rumor such as this, about a long standing business in the community.

You obviously have no idea whatsoever, how damaging your "old lady" gossip is to professional and hard working people/businesses.

As a professional in this industry for 15 years, I will share with you how thefts normally happen:

1. Police will tell you that almost 50% of audio gear stolen from cars soon after purchase, are done so by YOUR FRIENDS, or FRIENDS OF THEIRS!

2. Most young people that get new gear, DRIVE DOWN THE ROAD WHERE THEY LIVE BLASTING IT AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE, and being proud of their new gear, SHOW IT OFF EVERY TIME THEY CAN! Doing this attracts all kinds of attention from EVERYONE! Including low life types....

This accounts for 8 out of 10 thefts of car audio gear.

Yes I have been a little brash with you, but you shouldn't be repeating such ignorance.

The best way to leave a stereo shop feeling comfortable, is to listen to them, and buy a good alarm. Have them DELETE all transmitters for your unit in front of you, then code ONLY your remotes right there. Secondly, don't post your new stuff on myspace, don't brag to all of your buddies about how much $$ you just put in your car. And when you get about a mile from home, turn Dr. Dre down, so people don't hear your system, and watch where you park their next score.

Most installers that work for me make more than their parents, AND get car audio so cheap it would blow your mind. So to take the chance of losing their career, and going to jail is extremely STUPID, NOT UNLIKE YOUR SPREADING OF THIS PETTY RUMOR.......//



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Apr 6, 2008
I too heard about them installing extra hide-away switches to disable alarms in the wheel wells back before '00. There are some nice guys there, but I dont think they always know what comes out of their mouths. You can go in there and ask for the best coaxials (coaxials might be a bad example but none the less) and they will try to sell you a 200$ pair of JL's sh*t bucket TR line. I was talking to them about some ideas I had and they told me it would be impossible (yeah way to sell your services) to hit 140db in my truck, I'll never consider them or recommend them to others.
A) Theres nothing that they sell that cant be found cheaper elsewhere

B) They overate just about everything they sell, maybe they get commission?

C) Some of them just dont know what they are talking about

I think Drew at the Omaha off Dodge location was a fairly straight shooter. Why do they send you thank you cards anyways? They are barely legible.




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Jul 10, 2008
papillion, NE
hey stereo west opened their new/ old store! they moved back across the street in omaha.

i do agree that some of them dont know what they are talking about. and you can find everything they sell cheaper. they say "a doller per watt" for all amps they have. i would need two of their biggest amps, costing me about $2000 dollars. never gonna happen lol.



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Sep 13, 2007
Shit they better be a good shop. They are one of the retail sponsors for the 07 USACi finals. //
not any more its in dallas now:(



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May 22, 2007
lincoln nebraska
ive been to the sw in lincoln and over all had good service... had some set backs from time to time though.. duno if this is the thread to do it but since there are alot of local people on this thread.. anyone in NE willing to help me out with a box for 2 18btls?


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Dec 21, 2006
I am willing to help you out but I am in Iowa if you are interested in making a drive.



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Jan 21, 2006
Phoenix AZ
worked there back from '98 - '00, good times. That place got crazy, but I probably learned the most when i worked there.

To be honest, i didn't hear much good about the place after I left, its possible they went through a streak of bad installers. I know one guy that was infact a theif, he stole my speakers from when he worked at Inphase for about a week and then was canned. SW had him on for at least 6 months, and he did get busted for stealing from customers. That lousy POS if I ever could have caught him in a dark alley!!, those were some original Diamond Audio Hex speakers from way back.

There is always going to be bad apples here and there.


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