Stage 2 front comp / rear coax options or stick w/ budget option

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Hi again,

I appreciate all the suggestions and have my budget minded options down to 1 or 2 choices.

I have noticed CDT, Image Dynamics and a few others being mentioned as slightly better choices.

Fwiw a set of Infinity Reference front comp 6x9/rear coax 6.5's for under $170 is hard to beat. I've had reference series before and I've been happy w/ them. The kappas are still over $300 for a set of front/rears and stand alone kappa comps are still mid $250ish. I'm either going all out budget reference or I'll bump up a bit for a "stage 2" option if not much more.
I do have a Kicker Key 200.4. 50watts rmsx4 W/ DSP

W/ the DSP will I notice any reasonable improvement if I decide to spend a few more bucks??? I'll probably use a ford/OEM rear behind the seat sub. I recently did a 800 mile trip w/ two very large dogs in my F150 and loss of under seat storage cannot/will not occur. The OEM Sub box is 8" sealed, I'll run a Kicker Key 500.1 w/ DSP and I'll grab a Kicker/RF/ID/SD type shallow that will fit but that's another thread in the next few weeks.

Should I decent to bump up my budget a hair I am finding some other options:
These are on sale at CF for $114, regularly $220! Had MBQ that were previous owner installed on a 99 SD, sounded pretty decent

ID and if you get the CTX you get $25 off.

Same cost, 1 series up

SD has their yard sale and an open box set of these for $224

Polk MM series and a set of DB rear coax for the rears is less than $75.

The polk MM and the MB quarts has a very broad FR and should play mids pretty well w/ the amp. The MM's and the Infinity are very efficient so they'll play "loud" comparatively.

Some focal options as well
Focal ISS-690 6" x 9" 80W RMS 2-Way Integration Series Component Speakers System

At the end of the day, I'm pondering if spending an extra $50-$75 is worth it. IF I go pricier in front I'll probably drop 1 series/model for the rear coax. I'm trying to keep this budget as possible but I'll entertain a slight bump in budget IF it provides the SQ and output improvement.



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