Small Case Denso Hairpin Alt Upgrade


Nov 12, 2014
I have a 2003 Cadillac CTS with a stock 130A alternator. I have installed in this vehicle a set of morel tempo ultra 602s on a US Acoustics Barbara Ann and an Image Dynamics IDMax 12v3d2 on an Orion XTR1500.1. Using 1/0 royal excelene welding cable for main power/ground runs. 

The stock alternator is failing and I figure an upgrade would be good. Likely going with a CES alternator unless there is any other opinions out there as reliable. With my current setup what should I upgrade too? I don't plan on adding equipment in the future. Options are 160A, 180A, 250A, 300A and 320A.


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wew lad

wew lad inc
Mar 22, 2015
No a large case will not fit. There is barely enough room to fish the alt as it is. CES also confirms.
Get the alt with the highest idle output, but you may not need it on that amp. I'd install the amp with 1/0 and buy the alt if you need it


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