Should I put my compressor and drivers on its own channel also I have 3 amps how should I put my mids and tweeters

Jul 19, 2020
Hey everyone, please excuse my ignorance. So I have a few questions on my build and was hoping someone would help me out and point me in the right direction.

First off let me explain my build let everyone know what I have. Knuconcepts 1/0 OFC wire did big 3. Same wire used to feed power to Knuconcepts fused distribution block. All wire is Knuconcepts OFC wire. Boss 8 farad cap. Boss AR4000D mono Amp. With Knuconcepts Karma Kable twisted 8 gauge OFC wired 2 15" Gravity war zone DVC subs. Wired to 1 ohm in a slot port custom enclosure. 2 1200 watt 4 channel amps 8-DS18 PRO-FU10.4 10" MIDS.- 10"/2- DS18 PRO-M8.2NEO 8" MIDS/4-DS18 PRO-NEO6R 6.5" MIDS. 4 DS18 TW820 super tweeters and 2 DS18 PRO-DR250 compression driver horns.

My question is how should I wire them to what channels should I wire any of them together I'm waiting for an electronic crossover and equalizer 2 come in

Jul 19, 2020
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So what I'm asking is should I have my tweeters and compression drivers on its own amp by adding an one or should I have my tweeters and compression drivers hooked up to some of my mids with a passive crossover. What should my amps be set to I'm currently only using the high pass filter should everything be on the high pass filter. Should I have any mids on full/lp. Again excuse my ignorance but I really wanna learn this. How so I set the. High pass filter and to what for mids and highs

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Jan 22, 2010
8-DS18 PRO-FU10.4 10" Mids

2- DS18 PRO-M8.2NEO 8" Mids

4-DS18 PRO-NEO6R 6.5" Mids

4 DS18 TW820 super Tweeters

2 DS18 PRO-DR250 Horns

2 4 channel amps.

Are all these going in doors or a stunt wall?

You are going to want a crossover for sure.


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Aug 12, 2008
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DSP for sure or a garbage can......goodluck LOL

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