roughly $600 to spend on component sets what to get?



Dec 25, 2011
newark, ca
Or put that money on 6.5 subs into your actual sub stage. 6.5 subs on rear deck are going to need enclosures and and going to play 80 and below not Punchy midbass
On Camaro and trans am the stock monsoon had 6.5 subwoofers in the sail panel like in the video above. That sail panel will act like a big metal box


Gif Guy and Bobby's BFF
Jan 12, 2020
Keep talking about Skar and you'll be called a Heretic and thrown from the tallest building. LOL

Out of the options you listed I'd probably go for Sundown if you can get it to fit. Can't remember the mounting depth ATM for the sails.


Senior VIP Member
May 27, 2015
irvine, ca
The imaging planning doesn’t make sense. That “midbass” will not only be high position but it is also behind you and close to the subwoofer. Did you actually watch that video?..that was pretty darn far from midbass. Google some of these videos with pwx’s in properly sealed doors. You’d be better of buying a true midbass driver and building front pods. Those 6.5s are meant to be used as subs and that’s what your dedicated substage is for

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