Rockville car audio

Seanny69 Newbie
May 25, 2020
Okay so I've heard good things and bad things about Rockville car audio! Three months ago I decided to buy a Rockville car audio set off of eBay for $375 I got two 12-inch Subs 4000 watt amp subwoofer box and all the wiring and I went with the pioneer DVD / CD player head unit and my factory speakers are Bose and let me tell you I gave the subs a two-week break in time and since then I have been banging the shit out of them they are loud and sounds great now it's not a Rockford Fosgate or a different expensive car audio system but for those on a budget this one is loud and cheaper couldn't be happier!
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10+ year member
Feb 18, 2004
I have a Rockville RXH-F5 5 channel amp on my bench in the workshop. It's been running a JL 10 and Kicker 6.5 components for over a year now with no problems at all. I think they're good amps for the money. Run them within their design limits and they should play a long time.

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