Rockford fosgate p3 subwoofer question

Jimg Enthusiast
Mar 19, 2019
anyone have any experience with them?
how do they sound for a $200 sub compared to others?

looking to go with two 10s.

have 1500 watts to work with

JakeW Enthusiast
Oct 1, 2020
Thornton co
My wife has a powered p3 10” enclosure in her murano, and honestly it pounds pretty hard for that big air space. As far as 2 on 1500, i can’t say. Lol but 1, on 300w sounds pretty as far as all around thumping.


Jun 8, 2018
Saint Marys, GA
I have a 10" P3D4 and ran it for a long time at 2ohms on my prime 1200w amp. It is loud. I will be getting a second to run them at 1ohm.

SlugButter VIP
Nov 5, 2019
Theyre nice subs. I’ve done at least a dozen enclosures for these for other people, but never ran them myself. I personally liked the sound of them sealed over ported with the limited listening experience I’ve actually had. Normally people will pick up their box, and I get to hear maybe a song or 2 before sending them on their way, so I have far more experience on paper than actually listening to how they perform daily. From the software modeling Ive done, they look a little peaky on the low end in a normal tuned ported box, but some people actually like that. The lowest port tuning I’ve tried with them was 30 hz, and they sounded decent.

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