Question for other sub options to use with a custom box I've had made for some time for Sundown sa 10s

94 ranger Enthusiast
Dec 24, 2018
I've had a 350$ slot vented custom box made to exact specs from 3/4 birch for three Sundown sa 10s in which I never got to use the box yet at all.
The specs were good for sundown x 10s as well supposedly.

Ive gone more sq route with my interior setup . And was looking for a subwoofer that did good sql and ready to go for the Image dynamic idmax 10s dual 2ohm which individually cost more then one sa10.

Will these idmax 10s get as loud and clean as going with 3 sundown sa 10s ? Kind of shooting for a extremely loud sql output kind of like the 90s jl w6 seemed to give in the right box . And the box ported cbft specs seem to fall within range of my Sundown made box .
Any opinions help this is all going in a late 90s suburban.
And sub amp hasn't been chosen yet which I do not want to use taramps for the subs even considering I just finished up with 8 pioneer 6.5 mids and two taramps to run them

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