Polk Audio 12" db1240dvc or Kicker 12" Comp C12 10C124

Polk Audio or Kicker

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Apr 26, 2020
I'm very new to this so I'll try to keep it all together and as short as possible.

I'm trying to make my car stereo decent. i was given some speakers. Those speakers and whats in the car now make up the sum of the components listed below. I have very few funds available for the project so other then the amp or amps, the kits or padding or whatever to pad the trunk, and obvious odds and ends. I want be able to buy any other components.

The system as of now is Typical Pioneer CD Player new enough to have Blutooth LOL!! (All I know on that) The door speakers will be Polk Audio MM6501 6 1/2" . There are 2- 4 way 6x9s in the back glass and I only know their 250W peak.
I have not bought an amp yet so recommending specs for one to run the 6x9s along with the front door Polk MM6501 would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

So above is what's there now as well as your Amp recommendations for those speakers. Now I need to know should I use the Polk Audio db1240dvc or the Kicker Comp C12 10C124. Which ever one wins will go in two separate enclosures of right specs for the sub. In the trunk that I "THINK" I have under control... MAYBE!!! LOL!!! if you could kindly recommend the specs for an amp to power the subs you pick and finally fill in your thoughts of anything I may need to change, add, or may have forgotten All the info you give me will be useful.

I'm as unentelagent as it gets about this stuff but I'm confident you guys will teach me a lot. Again thank you!!!


Mar 5, 2014
Covina CA
I used to run the Polk MM6501 They did sound good. But you have to know that they are 2 ohm rated component speakers. I had a heat issue with my older amp running the speakers with the 2 ohms. I could not understand why the amp got hot after a wile and went into protection mode and when cooled off came back on for a wile and then hot went off and back and forth. Eventually traced it down to finding out they were 2 ohm rated. Off then on back and forth got tired of that and went to standard 4 ohm speakers and no more issue. Since then replaced the amps and speakers. Got the MM6501 as refurb direct from the Polk Audio from there Ebay store. Yes they have a Ebay store. The current new model MM 6502 are 4 ohm, humm wonder why the went to 4 ohm on the new model.

But i am currently running two of Polk DB 842 SVC 8" subs in an old Kicker substation tube boxs. I loved the old school Kicker substation tubes. Had a few sets and just a couple years ago replaced the subs with the Polk audio ones and they sound good. Found out the specs on tube box and called techs at Polk audio and chated with them and they said the subs would work fine. There in a 2004 Tacoma Xcab truck. Your mileage may very

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