Please help me choose the right amp for the job. Thanks

Belwri Newbie
Aug 5, 2022
I am upgrading standard door & dash speakers in a VW T5 camper (2005) using a plug and play upgrade bundle, continuing with the two-way setup. Here are the specs:

The woofer will be the 8" Blart (using collar to upgrade from standard 6.5"). It says Max 200w, nominal 100w. Impedance is 3 ohm.

I don't really know how to choose the right amp because most of them seem to run in a 2ohm or 4ohm capacity. Also, is nominal RMS? 100w RMS seems a lot for an 8" speaker of about £200?

Could someone explain how I deal with the ill matching impedance issue that most amps have, and also suggest a non budget, middle of the road amp that would do a good job of running the Blarts without over or under powering them.

I have a 12" Alpine boxed reference class sub that I will be adding into the mix later and a D class mono amp to run it, so all I need is a decent 2 channel amp to run the front L&R as I wont be adding rear speakers.

What would you install? Thanks

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